The most famous breeds dogs Pets

Royal Canin for many years is a recognized expert in the field of production of animal feed. The philosophy of Royal Canin – knowledge and respect for the needs of the animals. Smell, taste low sensitivity and low efficiency of digestion, which is typical for carnivores. The philosophy of Royal Canin – knowledge and respect for the needs of the animals. The sense of smell, low taste sensitivity

Since ancient times people walked side by side with the dog, which was the first simple guard livestock and homes, and then began to perform many of other functions, becoming also in a simple pet. At the moment it was taken out about four hundred breeds of dogs, each of which has its own history, cause and purpose.

A list of dog breeds can be divided into several parts, highlighting among them hunting, guard, decoration and service. On this page you will find a comprehensive directory with descriptions and Photos of animals of various species.

Many modern dog breeds have already completely lost their original function and are not well suited for everyday protection and assistance to a person in the household and on the hunt. For example, Chihuahuas rarely weighs more than a kilogram and are so small that often considered a kind of accessory than a pet or assistant. Continue reading

Pets reptiles and care for them

More in fashion a homemade reptile. Many decide to purchase them in spite of their exoticism. Unusual care is that Pets are cold-blooded. The owners see they have a lot of advantages. They do not fade, do not eat flowers on the window sill . do not meow in the spring under the Windows and chewing on home furniture. Many of them hibernate, and for this period the withdrawal is minimized. And affection to the owners they also have.

Some care needs home reptile . What to feed her?

Trendy terrarium and its features

If You go to the pet store is unlikely to find there on sale crocodiles or sea turtles. Usually the buyer offering the cold-blooded, cared for simple. Sometimes offer individuals who have been caught in the wild, but their few risk to get. It is better to get a reptile that grew up in the home, because it will be easier to adapt.

How to care for them? What are Pets reptiles and care for them? Continue reading

If you are tired of dogs and cats. Overview of exotic Pets: the Fox-Fennec Fox, skunk, wombat, raccoon

Salvador Dali . as you know, loved to shock the audience. One day he bought himself an anteater and since then, everywhere I went with this anteater on posadochka. Together they went for a walk, attended the evening and even had dinner in the restaurant. Dali, you could say, was one of the founders of the fashion keep exotic Pets.

By the way, the anteaters being very friendly. They love to flirt, play with the owner, happily licking a friendly outstretched hand with his long tongue. To purchase the anteater today is no longer considered an act of extreme extravagance. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive today.

Let’s see . what other exotic animals can be kept at home. Just note that for the review we took only such pupils, which can be kept in the apartment. Of course, many people want a beautiful white kangaroo Wallaby Bennett, but such a carcass (height at the withers reaches a meter or more) need to contain in a special cage, also far outside the city, where it will not frighten the strange noises. Yes and many pygmy Hippo brings a lot of joy, but he needs a pool of water of a certain temperature, which have to constantly maintain at the desired level. In General, it’s all entertainment for the very wealthy, even the rich. We’re rassmotrennykh animals, which, for all its exoticism, not causing problems with your own content in the apartment or in the extreme case – of a private house. Continue reading

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