How to Photograph your pet like a professional?

Advice from professional Photographers about the perfect Photos of their Pets.

Avoid staging Photos and simply give your pet the time to open a part of his personality.

Photographer Parker Smith: “Every dog is different and has its own rhythm of life. They are just like people. Therefore, the understanding of pet and the concentration will tune in to a beautiful Photo.”

Professional Photographer Nina Parker also conducts the first interview, allowing four-legged clients to relax and watch her and the equipment before you start shooting. She says: “First the animals are very excited, but eventually calm down and start behaving like in real life, lay down in a favorite chair or bed, be themselves.”

Patience plays important as when shooting Pets and kids photo shoots. If you want to photograph a pet with children, make sure that the child understands the safety rules of work with animals (for example: not grabbing the ears). Give everyone time to get comfortable and be prepared for the unexpected. Then place the magic shooting. Continue reading

The largest domestic cats

You may have already seen these beautiful, large, fluffy pet cats, which breed called “Maine Coon”. This native breed of cat, which originates in North America. Initially, these cats were used on farms, which were located in the area, exclusively for catching mice. Actually, it is quite hardy, agile, fast, and most importantly good-natured cats. They were excellent hunters and Pets. This breed got its name in the nineteenth century. Maine coons even got a nickname (“Maine raccoons”), for his long and fluffy tail.

So today the Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. It really is quite a big cat, weight which can be more than ten pounds. Maine coons are very similar to the external data lynx. Indeed, they also have the characteristic ears of the brush, and the movements and some habits, the Maine Coon is more like it is the wild cat of the week home. Very often the Maine Coon cats confused with a reed and called them Coon cats.

If we talk about the history of the emergence of this breed, it is rather vague. There are many theories and assumptions about this breed. However, the most likely and plausible yet is the assumption that Maine coons were savaseniorcare very long time on the territory of America from Asia (it was really long time ago, long before humans invented the registration of animals, by the way, therefore, to trace the history of the breed and is so difficult). Continue reading

Someone to have a child?

How are You “in the subject.” Puzzled for a second week, who is the daughter to buy. Try to find a compromise. She asked the dog, but like to imagine our grandmother on a walk with the ever elusive and running somewhere daughter, dog imagination Doris (and nausicca she is a grandmother!), so once you understand the puppy to us yet. Turns 6-7 years, then. A turtle daughter does not agree. Hamster we don’t want – torment the poor man! Kitty? With cats in our family the relationship is not working somehow. Yes and a lot of colours, because eat, what not eat, with sills, one hundred pounds, podtalkivaet. Yesterday docha with dad went to the zoo. She definitely likes parrots. The first thing he asked this morning when her parrot buy. Can on it and stop? Yes, I read that the parrots of any infection in the form of parasites can be many. If the cat, the dog, everything is clear, it is possible to impart, parrots, like, not vaccinated.Yes and allergies, again, can occur for fluff.But that’s not gonna determine until you try.

In General, we thought. But I’m sure the baby animal is a must. So much joy it brings! In their childhood you know, when all trudged home, starting with the may jucovy of the tritons, finishing broods stray cats. Continue reading