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Feeding puppy Chow.

Feeding puppies and adult dogs is made using the stand on which I put two containers: one for feeding and drinking. The height of the stand increases the growth of the puppy (the top edge is at chest level).

The mount allows the baby to get all four paws in the bowl and promotes the formation of good posture.

Opinion, what to feed puppies, very different. You can use professional dry food for puppies (see end of Chapter). They are balanced in composition, in their application eliminating the need for vitamin and mineral dressing. But we must remember that young puppies are not all the teeth, and chewing of the kibble is difficult for them, they do not eat and, consequently, do not grow. So dry food should be soaked.

We try to do the following: dry food is in bowl, available puppies, constantly, and, in addition, small puppies and get regular meals (according to the schemes shown below). Of course, the balance of power is partially lost, but the puppies get used to any food that can offer them a future owner, grow well and feel happy. Only dry food, we suggest that you translate the puppies after the change of teeth. Continue reading

How to Photograph your pet like a professional?

Advice from professional Photographers about the perfect Photos of their Pets.

Avoid staging Photos and simply give your pet the time to open a part of his personality.

Photographer Parker Smith: “Every dog is different and has its own rhythm of life. They are just like people. Therefore, the understanding of pet and the concentration will tune in to a beautiful Photo.”

Professional Photographer Nina Parker also conducts the first interview, allowing four-legged clients to relax and watch her and the equipment before you start shooting. She says: “First the animals are very excited, but eventually calm down and start behaving like in real life, lay down in a favorite chair or bed, be themselves.”

Patience plays important as when shooting Pets and kids photo shoots. If you want to photograph a pet with children, make sure that the child understands the safety rules of work with animals (for example: not grabbing the ears). Give everyone time to get comfortable and be prepared for the unexpected. Then place the magic shooting. Continue reading

Shooting is allowed. Tips for beginners.

Pets have almost in every house, they give us the joy of communication, become members of our family. Pets interested in Photographing and experienced Photographers in honing their skills, and children who are just starting to Photograph.

When shooting indoors

Select a plain background, because the contrasting background is very distracting sight or it will be hard to notice an animal on it. Material background must be matte to avoid glare from the flash. Make sure the background fills the frame and, even if the animal will move, the shot will not be a part of the room.

If your Camera included built-in flash, don’t shoot at very close range, in this case, you may get glare muzzle, red eyes and rather large distortion. The flash can also startle the animal.

Light the subject and background additional lamps.

Move the background further away, in this case, there will be hard shadows.

If you have only one built-in flash to avoid shadows can be doing only horizontal shots when the flash is just above your eyes. In this case, the shadow will be exactly for your pet. If you are doing a vertical shot, the flash is sideways and is reflected on the wall background. Continue reading

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