How and when to feed the puppy?
It is very important to feed the puppy a diet appropriate to their needs and at certain intervals of time. To properly grow and become a healthy dog, your puppy…

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Children and Pets
Many parents, having the house allowed, with the birth of a newborn, or even during pregnancy begin to think about the security of their cohabitation. Some even get rid of…

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The most famous breeds dogs Pets

Royal Canin for many years is a recognized expert in the field of production of animal feed. The philosophy of Royal Canin – knowledge and respect for the needs of the animals. Smell, taste low sensitivity and low efficiency of digestion, which is typical for carnivores. The philosophy of Royal Canin – knowledge and respect for the needs of the animals. The sense of smell, low taste sensitivity

Since ancient times people walked side by side with the dog, which was the first simple guard livestock and homes, and then began to perform many of other functions, becoming also in a simple pet. At the moment it was taken out about four hundred breeds of dogs, each of which has its own history, cause and purpose.

A list of dog breeds can be divided into several parts, highlighting among them hunting, guard, decoration and service. On this page you will find a comprehensive directory with descriptions and Photos of animals of various species.

Many modern dog breeds have already completely lost their original function and are not well suited for everyday protection and assistance to a person in the household and on the hunt. For example, Chihuahuas rarely weighs more than a kilogram and are so small that often considered a kind of accessory than a pet or assistant. Continue reading

What you need to know when choosing a parrot

Parrot – are extremely affectionate, sociable and undemanding pet. When you select it from the pet store, try to pay attention to the animal that showed interest in you. If your home has enough free space, can have several pairs of feathered friends. Parrots hate to be alone and prefer the company. Before buying buy for birds spacious cage, but if you are going to buy a few Pets of large size, it is necessary to acquire a spacious open-air cage. However, birds that are in the pack, is amenable to learning and training much harder than singles.

Ideal for flats would be to buy a feathered pet friends. If such was not, when choosing to use the advice of specialists or Amateurs with experience. It is advisable to buy a bird at a pet store and not in the poultry market. It is best to buy a young parrot at the age of six weeks, as the young bird will be easier to get used to a new host and change the situation. In addition, young parrots learn much faster and tamed. To determine the age of the birds easily. If her eyes around the dark iris is a young budgie. With age, its iris will be lighter. Much more difficult to determine the age of a parrot by its colors. With the number of years drawing on the back of the head and becomes less distinct, and becomes brighter the beak, and the plumage becomes brighter. Continue reading

Guinea pigs: the phantom menace

We hasten to reassure readers. If you live at home Guinea pig, don’t worry that your furry pet one day decide to enslave humanity. Recently published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B a study by researchers from the U.S. and Peru only shows the role of Guinea pigs in an abnormally high frequency of dangerous diseases in South America. Yes and that role play Guinea pigs against their will, the fault lies with parasitic insects and in humans.

The disease is called Chagas ‘ disease – in honor of the Brazilian physician Carlos Chagas (1879 – 1934), who described the disease and its causative agent contributing. Chagas was engaged in the fight against malaria. In the course of his research he discovered one-celled organism related Trypanosoma brucei – the causative agent of African sleeping sickness. He took it to the same genus and named Trypanosoma cruzi in honor of his teacher Brazilian parasitologist Oswaldo the cruise. As found by Chagas, transmitted by Triatoma infestans bugs . Rhodnius prolixus and several related species. All these bugs prefer to bite in the area of the mucous membranes, e.g. lips, so called “kissing bugs”. Chagas demonstrated in experimental monkeys the mechanism of infection, described the symptoms appeared, found the same symptoms in people in the blood which also showed trypanosomes.This is a rare case when a scientist opens a pathogen, its vector and transmission mechanism, usually this required the efforts of several researchers.

“Kissing bug” Triatoma infestans

Discovered by Carlos Chagas the disease is prevalent in several countries in Central and South America. The infection occurs not as a direct result of the bite of a bedbug, but after scratching the man from the wound of the bite. The wound fall the bug faeces, which contain the trypanosomes. After the infection begins the acute phase of the disease. It is characterized by fever, headache, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, swollen lymph nodes, pallor, Continue reading