This is a list of notable Arnis systems and practitioners. Contents. 1 Practiced/ Practitioners in Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Joy. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Jon Escudero.

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I just went to one of the websites that Buwaya posted which by the way was very informative! It gives you a different perspective of the scinetific at hand. Your attributes and skills determine which tactical concept of Serrada can be applied. In advanced practice the empty had will be replace by a dagger to escalate the technology eventually as scifntific practitioner progresses through the discipline.

It is very aggressive and relies more on giving “quality” strikes rather than just going for quantity.

List of Arnis systems and practitioners

January 27th, 0 Comments. Students prepared months in advance for this assessment and it is great to see them bring their hard work into fruition.

Focusing on securing potential weaknesses and identifying opportunities and avenues of attack.

It covers a wide range of skills for all fighting distances. This is a HUGE collection of arms and armour. And im back in Tel-aviv. So a couple of weeks ago a local channel thought lightnung interesting enough to feature on their channel.

Do you lightniing to add a disarm, takedown, throw? January 22nd, 0 Comments. Ever so humble he sounded a little embarrassed when I said that I wrote about his skill and achievements.


Notify me of new comments via email. Time flies when your having fun and we do get a lot of that as we spent nearly every day of almost as month just smacking each other around.

Smashing is trained with sticks while slashing is trained with blade trainers. Or that a technique is sicentific special that it is kept a secret. Harnessing the Evil Intent”. Currently, there are member clubs and practitioners all over the Philippines and in different parts of the world. My connection with Tom goes way back to when I was still starting out in college days. Zen Life, Zen Death”.

Lightning Scientific Arnis..???

Looking to working together more with Wayne Edwards and company again! Bigay-Tama — Semi-Free and Freestyle attack and defense patterns that combine the aspects of Defense and Counter-Attack through simulated combat that puts the practitioner through sets of randomized attacks that he will have to identify, defend against and counter at full impact and high speed.

Salamat din sa iyong pagbigay halaga sa ating sariling martial art na Arnis. The tactics you choose to apply when engaging an opponent are dependent upon both the attributes and skill sets of the fighter. I was able to read it only last night. Thank you also for giving importance to our own martial art, Arnis. I think the praises may be too much… but even then, thank you. It’s distinctive characteristic apart from these 4 styles is the generation of power and the manner in which strikes are delivered This site uses cookies.


June 21st, 0 Comments. Its the same person unfortunately.

Lightning Scientific Arnis..??? | FMATalk

They followed us around for a couple of days to get a glimpse of our lives and in general had a pretty good conversation with them.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ate Patty lives in Manila. In addition, there is a clear delineation between blade movements and stick movements when training. Caballero acts as his representative and oversees LSAI activities. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Lightning Scientific Arnis- The synthesis of physical attributes with the applications of Serrada.

Lightning Scientific Arnis – The Deadly Dance

In a relatively painless process most member completed their grading and are awaiting their final marks! Filipino Martial Arts Pulse: Wish your were there too Irvin de Castro. The above named masters continue to meet on a monthly basis in order to both share and keep the scoentific alive and arnia coordinate activities designed to promote and propagate LSAI. The second topic was on releasing a trapped or captured weapon hand and creating the opportunity to counter-attack.