In his short story “The Kugelmass Episode,” Woody Allen extends the relationship between reader and text posited by reader-response critics. “The Kugelmass. The Kugelmass EpisodeWoody Allen Source for information on The Kugelmass Episode: Short Stories for Students dictionary. “The Kugelmass Episode” opens with Kugelmass, a middle-aged, unhappily married humanities professor seeking the advice of his analyst, Dr. Mandel.

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Modern Language Association http: Inhe suffered a much-publicized breakup with his third wife, kugeelmass actress Mia Farrowafter he admitted to an affair with Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. His fantasy comes to life when he is thrust into the world of Flaubert’s novel and begins his affair with Emma Bovary, but Kugelmass soon finds that living with one’s fantasy poses many hazards.

Emma fits this role, but after the initial attraction between the two, the magic wears off and she means less and less to Kugelmass who is all but desperate to get Persky to send her back to her novel. Many of New York’s leading entertainers, writers, artists and art patrons were of Jewish origin, and American intellectualism began to become closely associated with the New York Kugelmasss community.

The Kugelmass Episode

eisode He says he has no overnight cure for Kugelmass because “I’m an analyst, not a magician. He confesses he’s been watching Cecelia while she has been watching him, and is falling in love with her.

Persky is an unsuccessful entertainer who nonetheless continues at his trade and hustles to earn a living. Like his story “The Kugelmass Episode,” Allen’s films poked fun at the Jewish American experience but never in mean-spirited way, offering rather a gentle look at what it means to be Kugeljass in America and paying tribute to the particularly Jewish ability to find humor in the most unlikely situations. His analyst disagrees, however, telling him “there is no overnight cure” for his troubles, adding that he is “an analyst, not a magician.

Allen decided when he was just a child that he wanted to write and make movies. Emma Bovary’s husband Charles is a doctor whom Kugelmass calls a “lacklustre little paramedic” who is “ready to go to sleep by ten” while Emma wants to go out dancing.


Allen continued to produce hit movies throughout the s. Kugelmass confides to Dr.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. One of Allen’s techniques in his satire is to present a serious situation or moment and then undercut its importance with an absurdity. A bald Jew kugelmqss kissing Madame Bovary? Kugelmass tells Persky to always fpisode him into the book before pagewhen the character Rodolphe appears.

As they kiss and embrace, Kugelmass remembers that he has a date to meet his wife, Daphne. Daphne is Kugelmass’s current, and second, wife.

The Kugelmass Episode |

The story was included in Allen’s collection Side Effects inand has been widely anthologized. He doesn’t want an ordinary dalliance, a “chippie” on the side as his wife says, but excitement, softness, glamour; he wants to “exchange coy glances over red wine and candlelight. Persky in particular uses extremely colorful phrases and one can almost hear a Brooklyn Jewish accent.

Monika rated it it was amazing Feb 27, However, it did make numerous Jewish references and used inside jokes, and the Jewish background of the writers helped to produce humor laced heavily with irony and caustic wit. When Vaudeville theaters were replaced by nightclubs in the s and 40s, comedy became less physical and began to focus on language and observations about the incongruities and anxieties of life. The treatment of the theme of art versus reality in “The Kugelmass Episode” is not as developed as it is in Allen’s film, and the moral lessons it teaches are far less obvious.

A recurring theme in Allen’s fiction and films is the line between art and life, between fantasy and reality. He tells Daphne that he will be attending a symposium in Boston, and the next afternoon, Emma comes to New York.

Kugelmass teaches at City College of New York The word “Kugel” in the title character’s name refers to a sweet noodle dish that is served at Passover.

During this season dairy dishes Kugel are often prepared because of several traditions: Abramovitch, Ilana, and Sean Galvin, eds. Side Effects, Allen’s third prose collection in which the story was published inalso continues to be in print, ensuring that the piece enjoys wide readership. Persky tosses a paperback copy of Flaubert’s novel into the cabinet with Kugelmass, taps it three times, and Kugelmass finds himself at the Bovary estate in Yonville in the French countryside.


Art for Cecelia offers an escape because it depicts a perfect world, one where there is no joblessness, no despair, no cruelty, and where there is the possibility of romance, love, and hope.

Around this time he became a regular contributor of humorous fiction and essays to The New Yorker and other publications. InAllen’s Take the Money and Run presented a Jewish protagonist who was no longer the Jewish vaudevillian clown of old but a neurotic, analytic, intellectual New York Jew, thoroughly urban and anxiety-ridden. Art can offer some refuge from the harshness of reality, but we cannot stay there permanently.

Allen undercuts serious romantic moments often by using colloquial expressions and incongruities. The story may also be viewed as a farce, which episodr a comedy characterized by broad satire kuvelmass improbable situations.

The Kugelmass Episode – Side Effects :: Woody Allen

The program often parodied Jewish manners, people, and culture and encouraged performers to be open about their Jewish identities. Caught in a bitter custody battle, his ex-wife alleging he had molested another of their children, Allen’s reputation suffered considerably, but he continued to make movies, and he and Previn married in kugelmazs She suspects that her husband has a “chippie” on the side, senses his tension, but never catches on to his affair.

He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two adopted children. Kaitlyn Hurd rated it it was ok Mar 20, He flees to the real world, where all he wants to do, he says, is lead a “normal” life, to “be real. This critical method entails the notion of readers “entering the text” and responding to the text as interpretative techniques.