Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Jorrit Tornquist. Jorrit. Tornquist. BIOGRAPHY SELECTED EXHIBITIONS. OPUS – Acrylic on canvas – 15 ¾ x 31 ½ in. OPUS – Acrylic on canvas – 31 ½ x 31 ½ in. Jorrit Tornquist, Il silenzio del viola (The Silence of Purple), Jorrit Tornquist, Pieghe, Jorrit Tornquist, Pieghe, Jorrit Tornquist.

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His exhibition activity, as a color artist-scientist, is conspicuous; he has been included in more than exhibitions.

Intogether with Richard Kriesche and Helga Philipp, Tornquist joerit the founding manifesto of the “Gruppo Austria”, which aims to direct the Austrian culture towards new artistic languages. October 17, Auction Closed.

The merger of scientific and psychological elements in the work, his attempt to conciliate the colour structural-chromatic value with the sensitive-affective value, in fact, are the artist’s actual innovations.

He is above all a painter.

Jorrit Tornquist. The Intersection of Color and Thought

In the early sixties began his interest in research on the first color from a scientific perspective. Thank you for subscribing! Quadrato rosso Please enter a valid email address. Originally he is Austrian and since he has obtained Italian citizenship. Certainly we often tend to analyze specific issues concerning art and its production not only because we have reached korrit very high and refined level tlrnquist research from the artistic side and analysis from the critical side, but also because of the amount of information we receive from this world, which today has become extremely wide and varied.


Inhe attended to the colours of Jakomini Platz, in the centre of Graz, his native town. Sfumature Shades The system is harmonically based on the green of vegetation, the blue of the sky, the warm yellow and tornnquist as dominant descriptive colour.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

Jorrit Tornquist MorfosSale Date: Italy – Spain – China. Therefore, Tornquist elaborated his own “Theory of Colour”, based on his technical torhquist, together with personal sensibility and studies about colours effects on mood.

Gallen Museo d’arte moderna, Gazoldo degli ippoliti.

Born in in Graz, Austria. In parallel to his artistic practices, he starts his career as color consultant with a project for the Caffetteria dello Studente in Grazin collaboration with Arch.

Tornquixt his artistic career, Tornquist has developed his own unique theory on the effects of color on human perception and emotion, combining the so-called structural-chromatic value with the sensitive-affective value of various hues in his work.

Sincehe has also become an Italian citizen. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. But just as society, and individuals themselves, are constantly changing over time, the same is true of art as well. Subsequently, the artist became aware of the insufficiency of an tlrnquist, which was limited to geometric and programmed projects.


Jorrit Tornquist CompritionSale Date: Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Colibrì by | Jorrit TORNQUIST | buy art online | artprice

Barcelona-Milano-Wien, that undertakes chromatic interventions for public and private projects. However, it should be noted that from the middle of the last century onward, a new path has been undertaken that has seen art as something less and less collective and monolithic, and increasingly varied and individual. The work is regarded as a true sculpture, more than meters high.

Since he has focused on an in-depth study of color principles and color effects, and contemporarily launched his artistic career. According to what he says: Critics and art writers you are interested in working as Tornquist including: We often analyze and talk about art focusing on its manifold aspects individually, but perhaps we are losing sight of the whole: The non-industrial buildings final aspect tornqist an iridescent aluminium skin, obtained through stratification, perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape.

Jorrit Tornquist was born in Graz, Austria, on March 26th,