by Joe DeFranco | 04/30/04 This program isn’t just for skinny bastards; you can be a fat bastard and A. Max-Effort Lift – Work up to a max set of reps. M24, 6’2, pounds if that matters. I really like Joe DeFranco so I thought I’d give WS4SB3 a try. I like how it’s a program for an athlete. Joe Defranco’s “Westside For Skinny Bastards – Part III”. I’m thinking of trying this program. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it, and I figured it.

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I would be a bit more creative within my own program if I had more equipment.

These athletes range from high school kids to professionals. That’s what I love about it. Don’t get a shoulder injury before you even start to do reps. I’ve decided to appeal to the masses! Many of these “lab rats” are doing the program you’re about to read. That’s the reason why there’s “only” three lifting days on my template. These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline.

One thing I will do from time to westskde is I’ll alter the template from straight sets, or sets across, to pryamid sets. He was also able to maintain his newfound muscle throughout the season.

The key determining factor is, are you progressing on the Max Effort movements? The quads have gotten a bad rap lately, while the “posterior chain” has defraco center stage. Periodization Bible Old Testament. So the following links should provide some additional background and context that will make this whole thing make more sense. Nick Brandreth, year-old high school wrestler.


WednesdayDay Also Joe incorporates some higher rep exercises that could be considered ‘hypertrophy work’, which could be an issue if you are on the verge of deefranco new weight class. They also improve flexibility, balance and overall conditioning. If you are an athlete, simply treat the second lower body day as lower body day B in an A B setupand alternate weekly which one you do. Hope you’re not doing any of them. Upper Body Repetition Effort A.

This is very neurologically demanding on your system and it takes great coordination. If you find yourself skinnny run down running this program, reduce some volume. Also it is a full body type workout program that also includes aspects of cardio. Well, I am here to help! Kethnaab’s Westside for BodyBuilders.

And if it’s working really well, and you’re still setting PRs on it, then don’t switch lifts. Elbow Flexion Exercise — Perform 3 sets of reps.

Westside for Skinny Bastards 1 | T Nation

Upper Body Max Effort A. Form This program is suitable for beginners. Notice that I provide lots of variety for your exercise selection and rep schemes. John went from to pounds in 15 weeks.

Add some of your own exercises if you’d like. I’ve also found it to be one of the keys to success for muscular growth in my younger athletes. And it delivers, every time. I think it’s important as most of the time in MMA you are pushing off one leg but you still need to develop maximal strength out of the hips.


Originally Posted by Aches They call me in desperation and in need of a quick fix. Weightlifting is something all men and even women should engage in, there are numerous health benefits but at the end of the day it just makes you feel awesome.

How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt.

You’ll see some of my favorite grip exercises in the training template.

The details of the program can be found here. If you’re a non-athlete just looking to pack on some size and strength, you can incorporate “extra workouts” on non-workout days.

I recommend rotating your max-effort exercise every two to three weeks to prevent your nervous system from getting burned out. Choose the exercises and rep schemes you feel work the best for your body.

Repetition Lift — Work up to 3 sets of max reps, rest 60 seconds between sets. One day has worked out much better for many of my athletes. Instead of writing a novel about how I manipulate the Westside Barbell system for all of the different athletes I work with, I’ve decided to do something much more practical for T-Nation readers.