TI Designs. Design Features. This reference design is an EMC-compliant industrial. • Two-Wire Interface to HIPERFACE DSL Encoder. interface to a two- wire. HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS standard with a transmission rate of MBaud. The data transmission is. SICK is opening up its protocol for HIPERFACE DSL®: Is the one cable connection for electric motors soon to be the automation standard?.

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Automation giants join forces to back OPC In many applications, the servo drive can be designed one size smaller. The reduced number of required connections makes a more compact motor design possible. Each cable that is saved reduces the net weight while also improving MTBF figures, as only half the number of cable connections are present. It saves costs, requires less space, is easy to implement and offers the highest level of investment and machine safety at the same time.

HIPERFACE DSL® – the digital evolution

Switched reluctance motor aims to disrupt Compact motor feedback system for linear motors. Schaeffler buys Elmotec to launch into mo SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for factory, logistics and process automation.

At the same time, the condition data of the drive constitute the basis for defining necessary maintenance measures in coordination, e. Product and Supplier Search. Fiber-optic sensors and fibers.

Accordingly, the system requires only one motor cable, cutting cabling costs for machine builders in half. Regal Beloit sells its drives businesses Sick predicts that opening up its Hiperface DSL technology will reduce the number of servodrive interfaces on the market.

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Knowledge Base

Furthermore, a drive in a lower rating class is generally beneficial in terms of price as well. This will pave the way for establishing one cable connection technology for hi;erface motors and torque drives as an open standard without elaborately designed hybrid cables.

The interface complies with the international standard for safety integrity level 3.

The data transmission is synchronous to the controller clock with short cycle times down to Motor specifications, serial numbers and part numbers, as well as other data, can be used to adapt the drive automatically to the motor parameters. At the same time, the customer has freedom in the choice of motor feedback systems. It can also transfer signals from other sensors integrated into the digital motor feedback protocol.

HIPERFACE DSL®: One Cable Connection for Electric Motors

Download press release PDF. In doing so, motor feedback via the motor cable opens new possibilities for the architecture of servo drive systems. This means that all users can now use a secure, real-time-capable and open communication interface for servo drive technology. Motor-controller communication in electric drive technology is at the verge of a digital evolution. This statement can be backed up in the way that the protocol has penetrated the market — being adopted by over 50 drive and motor manufacturers worldwide — and its continuous further development.

Plug connectors and cables.

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More efficient diagnosis Faster and more efficient detection and correction of faults hkperface self-diagnosis for even better quality. They offer secure single-turn absolute position-sensing and electronic label capabilities. Rockwell Automation unveils a new logo an If you want to know more or refuse consent to all or some cookies, click here.

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To date, the two were connected to each other using two separate connection cables for power supply and data transmission. Non-contact, precise and simple measurement of round objects with an outer diameter up to mm. Product and Supplier Search. Quick and efficient recognition and elimination of faults hilerface self-diagnosis for higher quality.

The fact that the motor feedback connector plug hiprrface no longer vsl affords you freedom in terms of design on the motor side extremely important in the case of small servo motors.

Another aspect is that the element no longer required also does not use up space any more. Being the only laser distance sensors on the market, the OM 70 sensors offer different focus ranges for the measuring ranges 70, and mm. Other sensor producers will also start using the single-cable technology — discussions are already underway.

Servotronix Motion Control develops and manufactures standard and customized automation solutions with a focus hipeface motion control. The simple things are always the most ingenious Hoperface take two when one would do? Maintenance work is prepared more quickly and efficiently using the convenient, internet-based remote diagnostics function. If you access any element below this banner you consent to the use of cookies.

Encoders and inclination sensors.

Regal Beloit sells its drives businesses