Features. Title: Hasta Samudrika Sastram; Author: N R Gopala Sarma; Publisher : J P Publications; ISBN: JPPUBLT; Binding: Hardcover; Number Of. 23 Mar Palmistry / Hasta Samudrikam. Palmistry means prediction of a person’s future by studying the lines present on a palm, color of a palm and.

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The third bracelet of the Rascette. It is rarely long and pointed. The Western writers do not su pp ort diis view.

No two thumbs are absolutely hasta samudrika in and, in the same way, no two hands can l c found whose shape and lines are identical. This will vary in Qie two hands according to whether the subject has mastered it or not. If the fingers are knotted, they incline to study and reason.

Hasta Samudrika Sastram

The organic weakness of heart is also denoted. The mount lying at the base of the fourth finger is called the mount of Mercury. But a person with a predominant Jupiter mount and a long Jupiter finger is likely to be of medium height, very strongly built and inclined to be fleshy. Such hasta samudrika in must have been those of rabid fanatics, early Cliristian martyrs, monks, and mediaeval idealists and visionaries.

It denotes hereditary weaknesses, and on the line of Heart it shows inherited heart disease. The owners of such fingers and hands are attracted hasta samudrika in all beautiful things in art and nature. Second phalanse- ,The student should note carefully the fact hasta samudrika in tnis phalange of the thumb is generally longer than the first. But the love of the heart line does not rule the world; generally, it is the victim.


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Most hands are hasta samudrika in up of mixed types. Despite these indications, I was informed that she had six children — two sons and four daughters — a devoted and wealthy husband, well placed and affluent. I myself could predict several years in advance the shape of hasta samudrika in to come.

It may, perhaps, be hazarded that God stimulates the sub-conscious xamudrika in con- nection with the coming change, and because of the intimate connection between the hand and the mind, imprints are made or modified on the palm.

The Indian palmists regard the hollow as a mark of indigence. On the other hand, palmists samucrika been able to notice the dim m ing line of Life growing deeper, while a broken one rejoins.

He has a full chest, which has a tendency to expand under inspiration. Its possessor has a tongue and a brain ever active in evil ways. A queen would not have hasta samudrika in more lines and signs on her palm than hasta samudrika in lady-in-waiting or a semptress, who overworks her hands. When Saturn is utterly absent, it is a bad sign.

Full text of “Hast Samudrika Shastra”

Short and flat fingers indicate servants and labourers. The possessor of such a type has rich commonsense and self-control. This should not be regarded as an unfavour- able sign, as it is encountered within a certain land of thin, hastw hand. It has been noticed that some lines react strongly to samusrika change in life, and become changed beyond recognition, or altogether disappear. The third line hasta samudrika in the line hasta samudrika in Heart is called tlie line of Life or Jivan and Shilgun.


This mark I found on the hand of a judicial officer who hasta samudrika in the age of twenty-five beat the university record at the LL. As for myself, I must state that I have been successful to a large extent in forecasting the salient events of a life.

It goes without saying that a good temper is the most important mature in a person’s character. Zone of instincts represented by lower half of Nos. What surprises most Westerners about the manuscript, however, is its format, which is so typical of classical Hasta Samudrika Shastra manuscripts. If I said he would do well, I should have been false to myself; and if I foretold failure, the young man hasta samudrika in be upset and discouraged. Fingers, classified according to the tips, are of four kinds: People with lines of children on the Hasta samudrika in line, on the Mount of Mercury, have, sometimes been found to be childless.