Globus Cassus: Christian Waldvogel [Christian Wladvogel, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. [AH] Zurich Dada – Globus Cassus by Aspecto Humano, releases 31 December 1. Zurich Dada – Peta Bytes 2. Zurich Dada – Peta Bytes (Antoni . He called this megastructure “Globus Cassus”. All of Earth’s matter would be used, and the hydrosphere and atmosphere would be retained on the inside.

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Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. The atmosphere and hydrosphere would then wander towards the Globus Cassus. Mercury has only a small amount of water in the form of ice at acssus poles.

Waldvogel described it as an ” open source ” art project and stated that anyone could contribute designs and narratives to it on the project wiki. All of Earth’s matter would be used, and the hydrosphere and atmosphere would be retained on the inside.

Fictional planets Megastructures Planetary engineering Space colonization Conceptual art in science. Find out what you can do. The ecosphere would be restricted to the equatorial zones, while at the low-gravity tropic zones a thin atmosphere would allow only for plantations.


Globus Cassus | Kardashev Scale Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The core is dismantled from the surface. Diameter of Moon’s orbit. Since people live inside, this solves the problem of the massive amount of heat Mercury receives from the Sun.

Purchasable with gift card. The leftover heat from the mantle helps accelerate plant growth. Afterwards, massive amounts of seeds from plants are used to vegetate the new artificial world.

Just what your Thursday needs: A unique sound filled with classic ’80s and ’90s analogue synths. This is taken away to create Globus Cassus, a new, much bigger habitat, thought out from scratch.

Von goldenen Lettern und edlen Federn”.

Globus Cassus

Shrink-wrapped gr black vinyl, in black card outer sleeve and paper inner sleeve. For more information on the Globus Cassus, click here. Once the Globus Cassus made from Glogus is ready, people will move inside.

Zurich Dada – Kites Anbau Remix Rivers, lakes, seas form in the topography that has been built there. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Create account or Sign in. No heavens for the gods, and maybe paradise for man. Atomic Eyes by The Rain Within. Mercury has about the same gravitational pull as Mars. This site has been visited: The gases and liquids will drift outward to the be caught on the inner surface of the new shell, a process known as “The Great Rains”. Eventually, enough of the core is gone, that the traditional surface of the earth no longer has enough gravity to keep globuz atmosphere and water on it.


If you like Aspecto Humano, you may also like: Gloubs avoid exploiting the Earth, most all water would be imported from Europa, Ganymedeor Callisto. The building material is converted into vacuum-porous aggregate and used to form the skeleton. Dreamy, sweet-edged synth pop for cwssus with their hearts on their sleeves. The more magma is pumped away from the Earth, the more the Earth shrinks.

Then, the core is dismantled to build shells at the polar regions. Eight of these openings are fitted with large, inward-curving window domes made out of silicon glass.