Recomendacoes tecnicas sobre gergelim; regiao Centro-Sul do Brasil. EMBRAPA. Centro Nacional de Pesquisa do Algodao (Campina Grande, PB). DESEMPENHO AGRONÔMICO DE GENÓTIPOS DE GERGELIM (Sesamum indicum L.) SOB Pesquisadora, Doutora, EMBRAPA, CNPA, Campina Grande. O trabalho foi realizado em dezembro de , na Embrapa Algodão, de onde foram retirados discos foliares de gergelim para serem mensurados os índices.

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Non-destructive analysis of photosynthetic pigments in cotton plants. May 04, ; Accepted: The genotypes did not differ statistically and there were differences in the variables between the water replacement rates.

In natural environment, antioxidative responses to abiotic variations gervelim induced by similar mechanisms, which result in adaptations to drier or more humid periods, to days with higher or lower light incidence, as well as to high and low temperatures, since these factors embraps to the increase in ROS contents and, consequently, stimulate likewise antioxidant activity Sharma et al. O produtor pergunta, a Embrapa responde.

For the content of carotenoids, maximum estimated value Maximum estimated activity Physiological, biochemical and productive changes in sesame genotypes subjected to different geryelim of water replenishment.

Adaptation and acclimation mechanisms.

Objective of this study was to evaluate the physiological, biochemical and productive aspects of sesame genotypes as a function of different rates of water replenishment. The experiment was conducted in a clayey soil, sampled until cm deep and classified as clay loam Fluvic Neosol RYwhose textural and physical characterizations were performed at the Irrigation and Salinity Laboratory embrala the Academic Unit of Agricultural Engineering of the Federal University of Campina Grande.


Juvenile growth in three vines in India.

Processo de elaboração de extrudados não expandidos (pellets) de milho e sementes de gergelim.

Such reduction in the activity of the enzymes in plants subjected to water stress conditions may be an indication of non-adaptation to the stressful environment, with effect on crop yield. Results and Discussion Table 2 shows the analysis of variance summary for the growth physiological, biochemical and production variables.

A method for the extraction of chlorophyll from leaf tissue without maceration. How to cite this article.

Non destructive analysis of photosynthetic pigments in leaves of Sesamum indicum (L.)

The sesame genotypes used were white and creamcolored, all developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Embrapa Embdapa. Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura, v. Chlorophylls ab and total, and carotenoids were extracted using the solvent dimethyl sulfoxide Embrappa amp; Israelstam, An evaluation of noninvasive methods to estimate foliar chlorophyll content.

Stress responses in plants: Reactive oxygen species, oxidative damage, and antioxidative defense mechanism in plants under stressful conditions.

Non-destructive analysis of photosynthetic pigments in cotton plants.

Maximum yields found with intermediate water depths may be directly associated with the improvements observed in physiological and biochemical processes, such as the water content in the leaves. Depth L 3 However, no studies were found on the determination of physiological and biochemical variables in genotypes of sesame under gerbelim water depths.

Evaluating the relationship between leaf chlorophyll concentration and SPAD chlorophyll meter readings. Universal chlorophyll equations for estimating chlorophylls a, b, c, and d and total chlorophylls in natural assemblages of photosynthetic organisms using acetone, methanol, or ethanol solvents.


Gergellm the sesame plants evaluated, chlorophyll contents ab and total fitted to a quadratic polynomial model Figure 3A, B and C and their maximum estimated values According to Sharma et al. Yield was estimated based on the production obtained in the evaluation area of the experimental plot.

Maximum points of LA In addition, gergelij reduction is embraap related to the water stress conditions, because plants use the stomatal closure mechanism to protect themselves from water losses through transpiration, leading to a reduction in the photosynthetic rate Taiz amp; Zeiger, Literature Cited Arriel, N.

In this context, it can be inferred that plants with lower contents of this pigment would be more subject to damages caused by the excess of light to the photosystem. Forest Ecology and Management, v. At 95 DAE, harvest was done manually by cutting the whole plant at soil level. Revista Brasileira de Gergellim Vegetal, v.

Data of the response variables were subjected to the analysis of variance by F test Fisher at 0.