This is the case of Fundación Esteban Torbar (FET), an ATTA member whose focus is to transform sustainable tourism into a life choice for. Learn how you can get this domain» | See more domains like this». This Web page is parked FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy. Current. Lugar Sostenible,; Third Millennium Alliance. Previous. Fundación Esteban Torbar – Eposak. Education. Amani Institute. Websites. Personal Website .

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Fundación Esteban Torbar

He is the Head Park Ranger for the Jama-Coaque Reserve and also leads various other field activities, such as trail design, trail building and reforestation activities. Carmen was born and raised by the Strait of Gibraltar in southern Spain, one the most important bird migration areas of Europe. Other jobs that Betty has held during her career include: His esteem for the environment led him to attend Colorado State University where he earned a B.

Bryan grew up hiking and camping in the Southern Rockies where he developed a profound appreciation for nature. Upon graduating he moved to the Southern Cascades to work as a field ecologist, where he surveyed flora and fauna throughout the western U. Lynch, MS Executive Director. Currently she lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Betty also opened Rainbowtours Cia. Ryan has a B. Edilberto Marquez Head Park Ranger. Contact first to confirm new needs The schools that would be helped make up the Kamarata Indigenous School Nucleus, with children between the ages of 6 and His current priority is strengthening TMA staff and integrating local community members into the management of the Jama-Coaque Reserve at all levels.

Education for immigrants nonprofit.

Uver Vaca Manager of Field Operations. Pencils, pencil sharpeners, sticks, colors, chalk, scissors and flannels. Since then, he has revamped our internship program, established the Jama-Coaque Bird Observatory, and started a number of ongoing studies.

In he co-founded TMA and began migrating south for the winters where he worked to establish the Jama-Coaque Reserve. Nick Slobodian Director of Agroecology. Bringing all of her great experience to TMA, Betty is excited to help the organization continue to grow well into the future. Euan has worked at bird observatories in Canada, Israel, and most recently Russia, as well as having banded in Australia and Spain.


Carmen Azahara Avian Studies Coordinator. To put it in fewer words, Dany is a jack of all trades and an extremely versatile member of our team. She spent many seasons counting the migrating raptors on their way to and from Africa. His wealth of knowledge about native plants and wildlife, and his patient and kind demeanor, have allowed him to develop into an excellent field research guide.

As Manager of Field Operations at the Jama-Coaque Reserve, Uver oversees wildlife monitoring, trail building and maintenance, and all other field work.

Our Team studiobrie T The Esteban Torbar Foundation is responsible for developing solidarity and sustainable tourism in the Kamarata Valley, where the Auyantepuy is located, the mountain from which the famous Angel Falls the highest waterfall in the world descends. Euan Ferguson Avian Studies Coordinator. Ryan cundacion been traveling and working in Ssteban since on a variety of research and non-profit projects.

But the communities that make up Kamarata have great needs to get ahead, because the costs of food are very high due to the difficult access of the place, they have difficulties to obtain medicines and their 8 schools needs lots of school supplies. Isabel has more than 10 years of experience in sustainable project design, developing sustainable practices in rural communities, youth education and esfeban and environmental innovation projects.

InIsabel Founded Lugar Sostenible, eesteban independent consultant firm, specialized in sustainable destinations design, local sustainable initiatives, education and social innovation projects. Carmen is very excited to finally visit South America and work with the birds and people there. Working out of the Yanayacu Biology Station in the Eastern Andes inRyan studied the nesting ecology of a variety of birds, diversity and natural history of Lepidopterans, and tri-trophic interactions across an elevational gradient spanning from the Amazon all the way up to the high Andes.

The schools that would be helped make up the Kamarata Indigenous School Nucleus, with children between the ages of 6 and Remember me Lost your password? Understanding that cundacion is a very important factor for the development of tourism in fundacon place and considering that the average number of children per family in the Kamarata Valley is 7 children, we torbad the following school supplies:.


Euan has been a keen birdwatcher from a young age and started training to be a bird bander when he was The Reserve expanded from acres to 1, acres during his five-year tenure as Director of Conservation. Contact first to confirm new needs.

Ryan also has a special interest in reptiles and amphibians after spending years working with ezteban, alligators, crocodiles, and the notorious Burmese python in the Florida Everglades.

Fundación Esteban Torbar –

Carmen moved to Scotland in and began working as an environmental consultant. In the community of Camarones, Uver is the lead instructor for the PEEK program, jointly implemented with The Biodiversity Group, which teaches local children and youth how to use photography as a means to study and document wildlife.

Understanding that education is a very important factor for the development of tourism in one place and considering that the average number of children per family in the Kamarata Valley is 7 children, we need the following school supplies: Edilberto was born and raised in the local community of Camarones.

The past few years he has been employed in the field of environmental consultancy, and conducted surveys for the first windfarm projects in Saudi Arabia. He has been involved in a large variety of ornithological studies in his native Scotland, such as running a colour-banding project on urban gulls and assisting with a reintroduction program of red kites.

After traveling through most of the continent, he founded Third Millennium Alliance with Isabel and Bryan and established the Jama-Coaque Reserve in