of Transportation. Federal Aviation. Administration. FAA Form , Airman Certification. And/or Rating Application. Supplemental Information and Instructions. M. Do you now hold, or have you ever held an FAA Pilot Certificate? Yes No . FAA Form () Supersedes Previous Edition NSN: You are going to fill out the FAA Form for your Military Competency (Mil Comp) to. Flight Instructor certificate application by using the IACRA online.

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A Designated Pilot Examiner DPE may remove a limitation from a faa form 8710-1 he or she is authorized to issue, provided he or she can verify the minimum eligibility requirements. The examiner destroys the superseded certificate by punching a hole in the FAA symbol with fofm hole punch. Usually, the FSDO faa form 8710-1 requested the reexamination by letter conducts the reexamination test and follows up with any needed enforcement action. Do not enter fractions.

Then, enter the appropriate category of training such as initial, upgrade, or transition. Application forms are designed for computer processing of information. If the applicant was born outside of the U.

Immediately after the oral test, the applicant will be debriefed on performance and informed of the results of the test.

However, if other deficient areas are noted during the fotm, these would also be faa form 8710-1 basis for failure of the test.

If an instructor or check airman who participated in the flight test is not at the debriefing, the inspector or examiner should debrief that person at a later time.

Aviation Safety Inspector or Technician Report. In such cases, the identification procedures employed must be disclosed by the inspector or examiner on the application, faa form 8710-1, if necessary, in a separate statement.

If this section is completed by an ACR, the following boxes will be marked: Inspectors and examiners shall choose their questions from the entire range of appropriate topics rather than concentrate faa form 8710-1 only a few topics. The inspector must indicate the level, category, class, and type rating, whichever is applicable.

Simulator faa form 8710-1 must not be entered. Oral testing is conducted to determine whether the applicant has acquired adequate practical knowledge to safely and competently exercise the privileges of the certificate.


Do not enter simulator time. The events that must be evaluated on each flight test are specified afa regulation or determined by the Administrator. When faa form 8710-1 limitation is not clearly presented by such a marking, the applicant must be able to state the appropriate value from memory. If a Post Office Box, rural route, flight school address, PMB, commercial address, or other mail 810-1 is furnished as the preferred mailing address, the physical residential address must also be furnished.

Open the PTRS file. Resolve any questions or concerns the airman may faa form 8710-1. If aeronautical experience has no bearing on the airman certification action sought, it is not necessary for an applicant to complete section III. If the flight test will be conducted in two segments FSTD and aircraftleave the space blank until the applicant takes the aircraft portion of the test. Other side of the world Display Name: These signatures certify that the testing was performed.

Inspectors and examiners shall not repeat completed, failed maneuvers. When pilot or instructor certificate applicants present forrm of identification that are unacceptable, inspectors and examiners should be faa form 8710-1 for any indication of fraudulent or altered forms of identification or other irregularity that may indicate an attempt by the applicant to falsely represent his or her identity.

The oral testing must be done before the flight testing. If you elect to take the reexamination at another Flight Standards District Office FSDOplease advise us by completing and faa form 8710-1 the enclosed notification form in the self-addressed envelope, which is enclosed for faa form 8710-1 convenience.

The telephone number and email address are optional. The reference to alcohol will be deleted from the instructions in future editions and should be disregarded in the interim.

Form FAA Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank – PDFfiller

Aircraft to be used If Flight test is required. Inspectors and examiners should endeavor to minimize this effect by maintaining a forrm role and by not becoming involved in normal crew operation. Only required if flight test is required. If fork were born in the United States, enter faa form 8710-1 city and state where you were born.


See volume 5, chapter 9, section 14 for guidance on issuing a certificate faa form 8710-1 on a foreign license. Foreign applicants must convert to U. Reexamination should normally take place within 15 days after receipt of the letter of notification.

Get the faa 8710 2014 form

Faa form 8710-1 application gaa made by [ indicate date 60 days from date of letter ], this letter may be used to show the following portions of the practical test which have been completed satisfactorily:. Enter six numeric-character digits in this space.

In this case the airman would obviously not be capable of operating an aircraft. For simpler fa with uncomplicated systems, the oral test can normally be accomplished in approximately 1 hour.

FAA Investigation Form 8710-1

Inspectors should review the front side of the application form as afa However, all applicants are encouraged to complete section III because the application remains on file with the FAA and can 88710-1 used to substantiate past faa form 8710-1 experience in the case faa form 8710-1 a lost logbook. Usually, graduates of approved training programs are well-prepared. Primarily for accuracy and to make sure you are recording all of the logged time correctly.

Faa form 8710-1 the applicant was born in the U. Applicants must, however, be able to state memory items on emergency checklists in the correct sequence and flight manual limitations from memory.

Care must faa form 8710-1 taken to use the same document s for identification on both the affidavit and the bottom of the reverse side of FAA Form Ensure that both the make and model of the aircraft to be used are entered. The attachments must include the following and the corresponding blocks marked:.

Assume the aircraft involved requires a specific corm burn sequence.