Eusideroxylon zwageri Teijsm. & Binn., Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned. Ind. 25 () Eusideroxylon borneense Fern.-Vill. Salgada lauriflora Blanco. Diagnostics. Family Name: Lauraceae. Common Names: Borneo Ironwood, Billian, Ironwood , Ulin, Belian. Borneo Ironwood,Billian,Ironwood,Ulin,Belian. Record Info. Typical habitat, Habitat of E. zwageri: E. zwageri is able to grow under soil which seasonally waterlogged. Senami forest, Jambi Indonesia.

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The decline of this species which was first noted in The wood planesbores and turns cleanly, producing smooth and often lustrous surfaces. The zwagerk is approx. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Eusideroxylon zwageri is a slow growing 0. Silica Content Silica Zwaberi Research policy for community forestry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ecology Ulin is a constituent of primary or old secondary tropical rain forest. The world-famous IPB Bogor Agricultural Institute Institut Pertanian Bogor is currently breeding a generation of plants more hardy than the wild harvested seeds [5] [15].

Machining Special cutters are required. Title Typical habitat Caption Habitat of E. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Another major use of ulin is for roof shingles ‘sirap’ which are reported to last 50 years to more than a century. Retrieved April 6, Procupines zwageir also disperse the seeds.


Title Fruits Caption Fruits of E. Generally a species of lowland primary forest. Kepingan belian juga dibuat sebagai hiasan luar bumbung rumah. Saw blades and cutting instruments are only moderate blunted during working the timber. Odor Its odor resembles lemons. General Housing 10 – Silica in Timbers.

ULIN (Eusideroxylon zwageri)

List of Pests Top of page Wild host of: It is also frequently found in dry docks as a timber to separate the hull of ships from the steel supporting stands.

Senami forest, Jambi Indonesia. Eusideroxylon zwageri seedlings require some shade, while older trees need plenty of light. Kayu belian tergolong dalam kumpulan kayu keras berat yang bermutu dan mempunyai nilai pasaran yang tinggi. Views Read Eudideroxylon View history. The trunk has many small, rounded buttresses that give the base an elephant-foot like appearance. Salgada lauriflora Euideroxylon Diagnostics Mid-canopy tree up to 40 m tall and cm dbh. Seed dispersal is apparently often by water; rich pockets of ulin forest are often found at places where the fruits wash ashore in large quantities along rivers.

Xylosandrus compactus shot-hole borer. Research support to community forestry projects on forest land in Java, Indonesia in M. Title Line artwork Caption Representation of tree habit, leaves, inflorescence, flower, fruit, seed. Included in list of vanishing timber species of the Philippines and considered almost extinct in Sabah.


Ulin (Eusideroxylon zwageri) | ITTO

Title Leaves Caption Leaves of E. These are locular, with locules opening by valves. Individual trees may reach an age of 1, years or more. It blunts saw-teeth fairly rapidly, owing to its hardness.

Less important is the use of ulin as frame, board, eusideroxylo heavy duty flooring, floodgates, road pavement and foundations, railway sleepers, fencing, printing blocks, vehicle bodies, sleds for log skidding, furniture, chopsticks, blowpipes, poles in pepper cultivation and survey pegs. Belian tumbuh di kawasan hutan tanah pamah dan hutan sekunder dengan ketinggian m dari paras laut.

Additionally, eusideroxypon wood’s high density and easy workability lend it to particularly desirability in maritime structures, dock construction and ship buildingespecially Indonesia’s famous pinisi sail-boat. Natural regeneration of E. The tepals are in zwgaeri of 6 to 9, in 2 or 3 whorls of 3 and sepaloid. Belian wood is widely used in heavy construction and large-scale production such as for house structures, pillars, floors, and walls.

Wood Macro Photo Tangential Plane.

Also attractive to users is the resistance to insectsbacteriafungi and marine borers. Sanding This species is reported to be easy to sand. Color The sapwood is pale yellowish.