Published with the British Council. The Core Inventory for General English. Last updated on July 5th, Published with the British Council. Read about Eaquals’ contribution to developing the CEFR and access a wide range of practical resources. Eaquals leads the way in making the CEFR more accessible to language We have published two major guides, one for English and one for French as a.

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Now the rush will be on to devise another upgrade to their eaquals british council For a novice teacher, who wants to experiment with the use of authentic texts, this offers a guide to the GRADING OF TEXTS and a sequence of eaquals british council xouncil texts based on complexity and information density as well as possible cultural knowledge needed. The current orthodoxy, which amounts to little more than collective heresay to eaquals british council mind, seems in little danger of collapse.

It has also a slightly solipistic and circular feel to it — as if this is what we teach because this is what we teach. Here are three I like:. The writers disingenuously warn against its use as a template for course design or testing. We are also looking at input texts, coursebooks and the like.

British Council | EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English | English Agenda

Eaquals british council if we quietly ignore it, it will go away. If in doubt, ask a policeman. I assume that he is well aware of the view that there is something else which contributes to the fusion of all of these contents into something recgonisable as a human being.

Each language eaquals british council appears at the level s at which it is considered of most relevance to the learner in the classroom.


Practical resources for language teaching

For those few minutes, my A2 class ostensibly became B2. All thet research in ELT should certainly give me a headstart, eaquals british council I fear, one day, trying to find something new, I may end up reinventing the wheel.

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Those CEF stickers were impossible to remove without leaving a nasty hole on the cover. Thanks for the comment, Antonia. It is an attempt to answer the exquals put by many teachers over the years of what to teach at each CEFR level.

Here, at long last, eaqua,s the illusion of structure to the phenomemnon of chaos. Eaquals is widely recognised as an authority on the CEFR and its implementation. I suppose, in its defense, it does answer a need, on faquals part of some teachers and institutions, and maybe even students, to know how to operationalise the CEFR descriptors, within the parameters of a basically coursebook-driven, PPP methodology.

Eaquals british council have a background in the coumcil of science and this really reminds me of the head in the sand resistance of the authorities of old to the changing world views which have periodically shaken orthodoxy.

Our contribution Eaquals and key Eaquals personnel have played a leading role in the introduction of the CEFR in language education. It can thus facilitate defining objectives, writing syllabuses and planning courses. And wondered just what use it eaquals british council. EL Gazette, DecemberIssuep. So this is very exciting. The CEFR struck me as a pretty cool document. It has made more sense britieh has been more helpful to consider language in use. I agree with Vicky that the CEFR had lots of positive points but this latest development will curtail even further the creativity on the part of materials developers, eaquals british council systems and teachers if it is wholly embraced eaquals british council taken to.

Fill in your details faquals or click an icon to log in: But what else could it be used for? And yes, agree again, minus the list of structures and vocab, it is entirely eaquals british council with task-based approaches AND unplugged teaching. And now the core inventory.

In years to come all English courses for adults will be reduced to the contents of the Core Inventory with nothing that is not listed in it being taught. Visit Link More Details.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Around the world any course labelled as B2 will be run coumcil exactly coyncil same lines. I am not sure whether or not such a commonsensical view would be shared by anyone who proposed that the Common Inventory might serve any eaquals british council purpose whatsoever [such bombast is not intended to include the clearly eaquals british council contribution of Declan Cooley above]. It certainly goes against the spirit of open enquiry which should characterise any discipline worth its salt.


He had picked this language up from a friend. So our B2 speaking students with A1 eaquals british council skills sat alongside A2 speaking students with B1 writing skills. I would not, however, go as far as Scott and invoke the dark ages. Combined with mobile britisg, it conjures up a vision of eaquals british council teaching reduced entirely to the delivery of tweet-sized morsels of lexis and grammar, conveniently labelled and packaged.

English, French, German, Italian. What is so great about current practice that suggests it should be codified in this way?

The Core Inventory for General English – Eaquals

The manuals contain practical advice and case studies that illustrate the experiences of curriculum development at seven very different Eaquals-member institutions.

Research eaquals british council contributing to the profession. It eaquals british council actually a book called English Grammatical Structurepublished inand jointly authored by Louis Alexander, W. Overestimating what ss are capable of A1 — definite and indefinite articles!!!!! In an elementary class I had, a learner very pleasantly surprised me by coming out with this to a reticent class-mate.

Eaquals leads the way in making the CEFR more accessible to language teachers and helping them decide what to teach at each level. The main project aims are outlined below: Then I eaquals british council them to students who were studying where I worked.