15 Aug They’re living a dream, till Aveek, her gorgeeus ex-boyfriend, comes back into her life. Hold My Hand is a delightful young romance with a. A short film adapted from “Hold My Hand”. How many have you read the book? ?v=EwKPev5rTP4. : Hold My Hand (Penguin Metro Reads) (): Durjoy Datta: Books.

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He started missing her and blames himself that he couldn’t even able to tell her that he is going back.

Very simple and nice story. Durjoy datta hold my hand which are free from regular cliches and with a different m tale for everyone. What is the right age to have a baby? It’s not about the pity and sympathy and the support that Deep dattq towards her because of her eyes-disorder but about the feelings that both of them share.

Sep 27, Anika Kalia rated it liked it Shelves: Also Durjoy has described a blind girl’s feelings and thoughts very well. Jan 10, Meera rated it it was ok.

Ahana feels like as if she was a shuttle durjoy datta hold my hand any badminton match going here and there. Good and quick read. For first pages protagonist is Deep. Part Hole explains how much Deep is fond of books and cannot imagine his life without them. It was sweet at some place as if sweet like honey. The ultimate compatibility test you need to take with your partner right now!


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This book is published by Penguin Metro Reads; one of the leading publications in India. Open Preview See a Problem?

So is this story different from the others? Ahana’s blindness is a hindrance for her, Deep’s insecurities about himself is a hindrance for him, a cool dad in Ahana’s durjoy datta hold my hand as match maker is there till the end for his daughter. Aveek’s character is out of sorts in hoold story. It’s not a typical college love story.

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Good to go with a light start. Dxtta expresses their love for each other and kissed. Once again he delivers a message that when in love that person is the durjoy datta hold my hand for you. There was nothing in the plot except the fact that the girl was blind. This is my second book of Durjoy Datta. It could have been much better.

The cover page has a hand of a boy and a girl with a picture of Hong Kong held by the edges and this darta might work in the favor of the book. I have read Durjoy Datta’s works durjoy datta hold my hand the past but I liked this book the best. I could feel how much Deep is crazy about Ahana, and also how badly Ahana just wants to be a normal girl.


Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta — Book Review

They are popular and strike the right chord! The blurb is not so author’s style. Durjoy Dutta is awesome.

Hold My Hand by Durjoy Dutta. Jun 22, Rishita rated it liked it. He has stopped writing sex scenes after every 10 pages mj in fact, this pages book “Hold My Hand” does not a single scene that can make you feel “Repetitive Durjoy is back”.

Love between them grows. There he sees – the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on, But there is a twist to this love story – Ahana is not just stunningly beautiful, she also has a rare congenital disease leaving her blind. Together they hod Durjoy datta hold my hand Kong Aahana guiding durjou the smells and sounds of the wondrous city and Deep bringing to life the sights he sees. I recommend this book to everyone, I have always been Durjoy’s fan.

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