Most things about DBC Pierre’s violently satirical debut novel, Vernon God Little, are remarkable and some are just inimitable, writes Jonathan. Buy Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Vernon God Little [DBC Pierre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the critics and lauded by readers for its riotously funny and.

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I won’t tell you why this drastic change happened. View all 5 comments. Don’t be put off by the tragic nature of this book’s inciting incident. Man Booker Prize recipient Named as one of the Best Things in the World by GQ magazine inthe riotous adventures of Vernon Gregory Little in small town Texas and beachfront Mexico mark one of the most spectacular, irreverent and bizarre debuts of the twenty-first century so far.

Observer review: Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre | Books | The Guardian

Nobody wanted to hear about Vernon’s soul. As Vernon in last got the death sentence same as the protagonist in ‘The stranger’.

This one got thrown at the wall in a short space of time. If the world was flat, you just know the edge would look like this. And it’s a measure of his sly, sleazy humour that the final, clinching image is that of the cover of Liftle magazine, featuring, literally, crap. On the run from a set-up, he gets as far as a prom queen in Houston and a beach house in Acapulco.

Online registration for national exams to save time and xbc — REB. It’s pretty clear this book won the Booker Prize because the Brits felt like flipping the bird to America.

This is a story of Vernon God Little – a 15 year old fellow who was caught at the wrong time in school when his best friend Jesus killed 15 students in his class and later shot down himself Not that I insist on unhappy endings, but it felt sewn together with the laziness of an attempt to appeal to the reader opposite of the original intentions of the novel.


I don’t know if it’s growing up on South Park, growing up in suburban Texas where all these characters ring true in a hyperbolic manner, or if it’s feeling like a red-blooded, black sheep in my high school years that leads me to relate to Vernon to just clench this novel in my fists like a kitten.

Observer review: Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre

Finished reading this novel last week, but needed more time to start writing this review. You gotta read the book for yourself, see? Overall, not my favorite Booker winner but worthy of the prize I think.

The television media laps up the prime time crime coverage, often egging on and aiding the investigation. Fifteen-year-old Vernon Gregory Little, the narrator, is suspected to be the gunman in a high school shootout that killed 16 of his classmates, and which he was unwilling witness to.

Pierre came to wild isn’t it absurd that the people of America chose the one to be executed through SMS voting??? Or at least I’ll give a bit more detail. Vernon Gregory Little badmouths his mother like anything, it was a rarity on the books as much as I have read. I am positive Holden Caulfield would be proud of this 21st century specimen. It’s wickedly funny ride as the author leads you through increasingly crazy situations that are just plausible enough that you buy in.

It is extremely well written and genuinely funny. In the fall, Vernon’s trial is televised, with court officials, witnesses, and Vernon being made up for the cameras.

You know I’m in a kind of hating a dark story, while I like comedies. Please, give this dirty little whirlwind a chance, and stick it out. As I seem to have begun this review with a digression, let me interrupt to share with you the quote, on page 6, which hooked me: Retrieved 22 October A pardon comes seconds before the deadly chemicals are to flow into his arm.


I mean, are you fucken kidding me? My massacre is my pain.

I should clean up my mess, seeing as everybody’s so antsy, but I feel like smeared shit. You don’t feel if you are around that he might be a big celebrity or something and I guess this is the right vernom of great people. Five rescued from collapsed mining site in Kamonyi District. Unanimously, this novel categorized as a dark comedy.

And there’s also a missing firearm, with some fingerprints on it A work relevant to current trends in media and material culture as well as a self-aware twist on the scapegoat archetype.

View all 24 comments. The dialogue, in pure Texanese, jumps off the page, especially when the ladies are talking as they often do about food:. One blurb read ‘There is a joke in every page’ and I got wondering if I piegre reading a different book! DBC lihtle to hit on so many important issues that we are faced with today, Media saturation, judgement imposing societies, teenage and adult vod, naivety of the weak verses the strong, and the plot leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Look at what happened with the accessories to Columbine. However, their meeting ends when Taylor turns out to be Leona’s niece. To make it short if you want a more detail review, just visit Wikithis novel is about a 15 turned to 16 years old boy, Vernon Db Little, who was suffered from his best friend’s mass-murdering, because of his bowel movement can’t you imagine that???

Review: Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre | Books | The Guardian

Least of all do we hear from Vern’s dead best friend, Jesus. Want to Read saving…. Anyway, now coming up to the book