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Feb 24, For use of this form, see DA PAM ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. EDITION . UHASAM FORM LOGBOOK. Full text of “Army Form A_17” – Internet Archive: 4. 5. ITEM NO. NOMENCLATURE CHECK NUMBER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DA FORM , NOV EDITION. Get the U.S. Army Form DA AIRCRAFT INVENTORY RECORD. Description. U.S. Army Form DA Author: U.S. Army. The first page by.

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TIs perform some aircraft inspections at specific times. Technical files and libraries are required on all equipment.

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They usually denote hazardous aircraft fomr that cause aircraft damage or personal injury. Each shop maintains separate charts or printouts. Local policies differ according to the size of the unit concerning the location of publications. Nondestructive inspection torm a tool of QC inspection. Be sure to check the current supersessions and rescissions section of the index. SOF and aviation safety action messages provide information concerning safe operation of an entire model or series of Army aircraft.

TIs ensure that the time between overhaul or retirement life is not overflown unless specifically authorized in TM For example, represents forn aircraft, and represents rotary-wing aircraft. QC personnel use computerized printouts or a time between overhaul and retirement life component chart to monitor the in-service time of all aircraft components requiring replacement on an hour or calendar basis.

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Unit B maybe overwhelmed with a possible new mission and all the details involved with that process. QC is a management function. Twitter did not respond. They will enter any inspection that is due on DA Form For a discussion of status symbols for aircraft defects, refer to DA Pam Effective aircraft maintenance requires that the latest technical information be on hand at all times.

Get to know this list of general aircraft TMs: Personnel rorm beside each publication to indicate their familiarity with that publication.

This inspection determines the following:. This inspection determines deficiencies, work required, economical repair of aircraft and components and accountability of equipment. MWOs are the only publications that authorize modification or alteration of Army equipment.

There is no charge for Navy publications, but dda is a charge for blank forms. However, publications to support these interservice items are not always obtained with the equipment. Prepared in the format of a published change, the message provides the exact language of the changed material. For this reason, the TI’s rating official must fom be from the maintenance production area. If this is the case, the TI reviews the manuals on the subject area or item.

If defects are found, they will be entered on DA Form Supplements have the same title as the basic publication they supplement. In addition, rescinded publications will be lined out as rescission notices are received. The status of publications will be verified against the listings in the latest index. Refer to ARTMthe aircraft operator’s manual, and the aircraft maintenance manual for information.


The master library is located in the QC office and is used by all personnel. The operator’s manual and the applicable maintenance manual contain weight and balance data. Keep a file of all safety inspections in the QC section and a file copy in the subject area inspected.

The UAS-I is updated monthly and is the most accurate source for maintenance information.

You will get automatic emails informing you of the progress of your inquiry. All deferred maintenance has a valid requisition or work-order number.

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Because of high op-tempo, constant deployments and contractor maintenance, some may have forgotten about the general aircraft TMs. A star by the number indicates a new publication or a revised edition. The procedure is the same as for MWOs. They usually require removal and replacement, or modification of the parts or components. This volume will have the same basic number as the corresponding TM.

Safety of the aircraft and crew depends on how well the aircraft is inspected.

The following types of publications will be filed as described below:.