CFRB Radio. page Hubbard, Ron, scientologist. Dynamic Principle. Bridge Publication Incorporated. page Macpherson, C. B. Rules for the Rulers . Before CFRB came on the air in Toronto on February 19, , radio stations Sales manager Patrick Hurley left for CJCL to become general. After his early retirement from CFRB in , he continued to contribute “The Way I See It” to the station’s programming until Bob was a contributing editor.

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Larry Keats, Bell Media’s Toronto manager of transmission engineering after 35 years was no 9188 with the company in November following the latest round of job cuts.

Four towers with identical height of feet were 198 further south on the site, replacing two foot towers and two footers. Torben Wittrup retired December Jerry Wiggins joined the announce staff on October 1. Going way back, pioneer artists on CFRB included: On November 11988, Wally Crouter started a 50 year stint on the station.

Ken Marsden, in addition to being assistant cfrg the president, resumed his old position of promotion and publicity director. Announcer Fred Heywood reported for military training and was replaced at the station by Loy Owens. He was probably a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, though his sons say he was such a consummate professional that you would never know it judging from his call-’em-as-I-see-’em reports.


Program schedule as of August John Stall and Barbara Land took over the noon-1 p. He was on the air until noon, with non-stop messages about school and office closings, and helping to organize volunteers to help those in trouble.

York Region babysitter arrested in historical sexual assault case

His daily news and commentary broadcasts were the most listened to in Canada. Program director Donald Insley said the top name announcers were given almost complete freedom on the air. Based at CFRB’s Queen’s Park bureau, Parnaby enjoyed grilling politicians with an almost patrician formality that frequently gleaned more thoughtful responses than from other, less polite questioners.

He had been with CKFH. Stephenson looked too young to be the grandfather he became, repeatedly.

In September, Michael Coren returned for Sunday nights. He had been with “Ontario’s Family Station” for almost 38 years.

York Region babysitter arrested in historical sexual assault case

Rogers started radio as a hobby when a youth and in was the first Canadian amateur to successfully broadcast a transatlantic signal. Armed robbery at Markville Mall sends shoppers scrambling Suspects armed with sledge hammers smashed display cases at Lukfook jewlery store. Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles. CFRB – on your dial. Stoeckel were appointed CFRB sales reps.

Now, the station had 18 newscasts daily from its own newsroom – one every hour and one one was available for sponsorship.


Stephenson told the story, Canadian forward Frank Mahovlich, egged on by his prankster brother Pete, thought he had found a bug under the carpet and unscrewed it, only to have the chandelier in the room below go crashing to the floor.

He used the week of June 30 to July 6 for his comparison. He started his broadcasting career in CFRB was off the air nearly five hours 5: The Saturday afternoon program provided a 19988 audience with music and news from Britain. By the early cfdb CFRB was completely all “news-talk”.

CFRB marked 60 years on the air in February. Parnaby had been semi-retired for the past 18 months, Kowch said. Approval had already been given for erection of 19888 ‘ tower, but still required BBG ok. But he was much more than a voice.

McDougall presidentHarry S. All comments will be reviewed by one or more moderators before being posted to the site. Sherry O’Neil, general manager of Astral Media Radio’s Toronto cluster said they are “evolving the product on air” cfrn boost ratings.