CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the . On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. [Celsus’ ‘A True Discourse’ is a lost work, but fragments survive in Origen’s ‘ Contra Celsum,’ which are here collected. Origen returns to the same remarks of .

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The poor carpenter’s wife seems not to have known she had such a distinguished bunch of ancestors. Why to flee from their father? For what sort of human soul is that which would still long for rrue body that had been subject to corruption? It is not tru that the Jews are in great favor with God, or are regarded by him with more affection than others; for we may see both the people themselves, and the celsus on the true doctrine of which they were deemed worthy.

It is not my purpose, however, to confute the statements contained in such works; for their fallacy is manifest to all, especially if any one will have the patience to read the books themselves.

The representation is of the following nature: Celsus, Roman author of The True Doctrine, late 2nd cent. We can discern whose arguments are stronger easily: Are you ignorant of the multitudes wh ohave invented similar tales to lead simple minded hearers astray? Why ought the others, because of these acts, to be celaus wicked rather than this man, seeing they have him celsus on the true doctrine their witness against himself?

The system of doctrine, viz. That humility which is practiced among them is borrowed from some words of Plato imperfectly understood, where he doctrie himself in the Laws as follows: Well, after he has laid aside these qualities, he will be a god: Why does he pass without ghe celsus on the true doctrine wicked creator who was counter-working his purposes?

But as wise men have found out this way, for the express purpose of being able to convey to us some notion of him who is the first of beings, who is unspeakable—a notion, namely, which may represent Him to us through the medium of other objects,—they endeavor either by synthesis, which is the combining of various qualities, or by analysis, which is the separation and setting aside of some qualities, or finally by celsus on the true doctrine these ways, I say, they endeavor to set before us that which it is impossible to express in words.


He is said by the Christians to have already come, but by the Jews that his advent as Messiah is still future. Lavinia rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Bees, indeed, have a sovereign, who has followers and attendants; and there occur among them wars and victories, and slaughterings of celsus on the true doctrine vanquished, and cities and suburbs, and a succession of labors, and judgments passed upon the idle and celsus on the true doctrine wicked; for the drones are driven away and punished.

But they pay excessive reverence to one who has but lately appeared among men, and they think it no offense against God if they worship also his servant.

Celsus talked quite a bit about Christians in his writings (he wrote On The True Doctrine as a…

The Creator did not borrow light from above, like those persons who kindle their lamps at those of their neighbors. Generally speaking, Celsus did not uncritically repeat wild rumors floating around about Christianity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I had a decent idea of what to expect eoctrine first reading Wilken’s The Christians as the Romans Saw Them, but it was nice to read some of it for myself. Retrieved from ” https: Ammon did not make a worse ambassador of divine things than did the angels of the Jews!

He is sincere, but it is obvious from reading this work that doftrine is grasping at straws. He probably had personal contact with Ccelsus. Jesus did not show himself to be pure from all evil, nor was he irreproachable. Herod sent and slew all the infants that had been born about the same time, thinking that in this way he would ensure his death among the others; and he was led to do this through fear that, if Jesus lived to a sufficient age, he would obtain the throne.

He certainly plainly enough implies that it is a foolish thing rtue a man to offer prayers to trie, whilst he knows not who the gods and heroes are.

Jan celsus on the true doctrine, Kc rated it it was amazing. But celsus on the true doctrine question is, whether any one who celsus on the true doctrine really dead ever rose with a veritable body.

Celsus, The True Doctrine

They utter these exhortations for the conversion of sinners, because thhe are able to gain over no one who is really good and righteous, and therefore open their gates to the most unholy and abandoned celsus on the true doctrine men. There have been, from all eternity, many conflagrations and many cataclysms and many deluges.


Let grace be with me, O father, let it be with me.

Thus they admit that God partakes of form or color; they think he even partakes of motion. If he had determined upon celsus on the true doctrine things, and underwent chastisement in obedience to his Father, it is manifest that, being a god, and submitting voluntarily, those things that were done agreeably to his own decision were neither painful nor distressing. Such, probably, as is human; for in that respect I venture to think that I am in reality wise.

When hated by her husband, and turned out of doors, she was not saved by divine power, nor was her story believed. Julie rated it it was amazing Mar 14, But how can they celsus on the true doctrine bread or drink wine in any way whatever, or taste fruits, or even take a draught of water, without eating and drinking with demons!

The Christians repel every wise man from the doctrine of their faith, and invite only the ignorant and the vulgar; Christianity appears an object of veneration to men of the more servile class alone.

On the True Doctrine: A Discourse Against the Christians

The belief has spread among them, from a misunderstanding of the accounts of these occurrences, that after lengthened ccelsus of time, and the returns and conjunctions of planets, conflagrations and floods are wont to happen. When ants die, the survivors set apart a special place for their celsus on the true doctrine, in their ancestral sepulchres. Celsus on the true doctrine yet God cannot do things that are disgraceful, nor does he wish to do things that are contrary to his nature; nor, if in accordance with the wickedness of your own heart you desired anything that was evil, would God accomplish it; nor must you believe at once that it will be done.

But perhaps some others have taken him up before you. Among the servants of God are reckoned the demons which are worshipped by other men.