The Death of Artemio Cruz. Carlos Fuentes, Author, Alfred J. Mac Adam, Translator Farrar Straus Giroux $15 (p) ISBN Hailed as a masterpiece since its publication in , The Death of Artemio Cruz is Carlos Fuentes’s haunting voyage into the soul of modern Mexico. Carlos Fuentes, a young Mexican novelist and brilliant polemicist, belongs to the second group. What he seems to be saying in this extraordinary novel is not.

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He was married to film star Rita Macedo from tillalthough he was an habitual philanderer and allegedly, his affairs – which he claimed include film actresses such as Jeanne Moreau and Jean Seberg – brought her to despair. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of We had both read, recently and with admiration, as well as a touch of envy, Edmund Wilson’s portraits of the American Civil War in ”Patriotic Gore.

The Death of Artemio Cruz from Gale. Lists with This Book.

The story reveals that Cruz became rich through treachery, bribery, corruption, and ruthlessness. In fact, he has left the bulk of his estate to his loyal aide, Padilla. The seamless transformation from an impoverished, idealistic youth to a corrupt, decadent middle age and the turbulence of Mexican history are the primary messages of the novel.

You are on your death-bed, suffering from an affliction of uncertain causes, Artemio Cruz. To play with four-letter words for their own sake, as Fuentes sometimes does, is to play an adolescent’s game.

The time of paralyzed branches, when even the river seemed not to flow. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

The Death of Artemio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes

The presentation of point of view, especially the combination of points of view, provides the contemporary novel with the means carllos suggesting the fluid, unreliable conditions of modern existence. The Death of Artemio Cruz Cover of first edition. Its acknowledged place in Latin American fiction and its dath to a fresh generation of readers have warranted this new translation by Alfred Mac Adam, translator with the author of Fuentes’s Christopher Unborn.


Fuentes is, at least in Mexico, a source of political as well as literary leadership.

The Death of Artemio Cruz | work by Fuentes |

He now owns vast tracks of land, companies, a newspaper and, by himself, he is a major political play Seventy-one-year-old Artemio Cruz is dying.

The author therefore becomes the voice of the man, an artful and successful method of unwritten autobiography put down on the page by another. Throughout his long life, Cruz continues to accumulate wealth by way of corruption, betraying his family, lovers and former comrades alike.

Of course, this third section, which is written in the second person, reads like the author’s direct reproach not just of Artemio Cruz but of us, the audience, too. The Death of Artemio Cruz work by Fuentes. A true masterpiece written by Carlos Fuentes who describes the reminiscences of the death of the main character, a Mexican landlord.

Critical Survey of Long Fiction. Cover of first edition. Cruz makes no effort to save the man, who is executed by a firing squad.

I highly recommend this great translation. I now know why. Now, far be it from me to demand that every sentence in a book be beautiful.

The Death of Artemio Cruz Summary & Study Guide

Fuentes organizes the book into sections that do not tell the story carlo but do repeat the same three-part structure: Thank you for your feedback. He treats his family like financial dependents incapable even of the hard work and disciplined thought he demands from his servants and business partners.

But you start cutting a big jangled mess like this and you just might find all you have left is a kind of James M. Fuentes uses metaphor and juxtaposition like a poet, interspersing vivid action scenes with Cruz’s stream-of-consciousness thoughts.


Ahora ambos lo hemos perdido. Despite the despicable nature of Artemio’s life, I came to care about this man. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

On his deathbed, Cruz torments both women, lying to them about the location of his will. Written in a wonderful narrative style, the story of your life impresses. May 27, Jim Fonseca rated it really liked it Shelves: He quickly becomes a wealthy, arrogant, unprincipled scoundrel—the exact ctuz he fought against during the revolution.

And you wake up and listen to fragments of conversation, try to discern gestures or physical traits of the ones around you at present and you are only now seeing the invisible threads connecting your life and your ascent to the development of Mexican revolution and implicitly Mexican history. InChatrone LLC optioned both film and television rights to the novel.

The feeling is mutual. The boy is killed in the fighting, leaving Cruz with only a daughter, Teresa, whom he disdains. Due to his cuentes being a diplomat, during his childhood he lived in Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Washington, Santiago, and Buenos Aires. He bought land outside ever-expanding Mexico City. But the story itself was not always easy to read, and by that I mean the way that someone once told me they don’t read and they consider James Patterson a “hard” author to read, because he’s “difficult”.

Carpentier ”Reasons of State”Mr. Might have made a better read than this, though.