1 Dec Editor’s note: Bill Starr was a strength and conditioning coach at Johns Hopkins University from to He’s the author of The Strongest. 1 Nov Only the Strong Shall Survive: Clean Up. Very few coaches in this country know how to teach the power clean. Bill Starr · Share · Tweet · Pin. 1 Oct Editor’s note: Bill Starr was a strength and conditioning coach at Johns Hopkins University from to He’s the author of The Strongest.

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Bill starr only the strong shall survive edited by Tulkas; at Thought I had a terrific question, at least I’m very curious. But I’m glad to hear you knew about that article. Bill was specifically addressing a football audience with SSS.

What I got was really an encyclopedia of knowledge on strength and health. While I have a body that I am proud to have built, I am lacking in the strength department and I have always wanted to be much stronger than Onlj am. Conversations On Strength Training.

The Strongest Shall Survive: Strength Training for Football | The Aasgaard Company

Originally Posted by magiata Last edited by mjw; at He felt that, given the limited attention span of most football coaches, he had to get as much out of 3 exercises as he could, and the PC was better than the deadlift for football purposes.

Look, don’t get so upset. I recommend you to try to have the power bill starr only the strong shall survive. Bill always recognized the limitations of the deadlift, and he had me very strong without doing them at all surcive years as a competitor.


Originally Posted by Tulkas. I did a quick google on him and saw that he has a strength training routine that is also very successful in getting people stronger. No deads in The Strongest Shall Survive.

I have read you referencing Bill Starr many times in your articles. TSSS has been instrumental in my weightlifting career to date. August Wichita Falls, TX.

William Asel Starr

A good replacement for power cleans on heavy or medium days. And would I bill starr only the strong shall survive add 5lb a week on it for the progressive overload? Your email address will not be published. Can you give more insight on his thinking and why you came to see things differently? Thanks for the article. Where could I add it? Thoughts from Thirty Years of Barbell Training. I’ve referred to article a number of times for information.

The Strongest Shall Survive: Strength Training for Football

Strlng of the things he stated was that in actuality, his “Big Three” squat, bench, clean should have been the squat, press, and clean. We detailed both approaches for a reason. He was however, first and foremost, an Olympic weightlifter, and more than being a national level competitor at his peak, he earned a legitimate shot at an Olympic berth. Not to mention that the nutritional section is the [ The purpose of the book is to help high school and college coaches set up functional strength programs with a minimum of equipment and time.

This book contains tons of great information on how to organize your training whether you are a coach or an athlete. I am an admirer of Bill Starr and quite likely do a lot of PR work for him star and for free! Congrats on such a quality training program. The Strongest Shall Survive. Well your’s and Lon Kilgore’s. The Bill Starr model, from “the Strongest Shall survive. I leave it up to you how you work up to the final set of 5 but you may do: In this gift of teaching and touching others brought him to York, PA and the York Barbell Empire, where bill starr only the strong shall survive served not only as associate editor of Strength and Health bill starr only the strong shall survivebut the central force behind the Renaissance of Weightlifting in the United States.


Rest So simple and beautiful, it almost makes me shed a tear.

I highly recommend you to buy his book as it goes in depth into the training program, offering different program spin-offs, and also teaches you the lifts. More from Starting Strength and the Forums.

Obviously you’ve reached a different conclusion. Rogelio Rogelio is the go-to guy when it comes to men’s hair.

I was surprised about the big difference between your intermediate program Mark, Texas Method, and Starr’s. Work up to a heavy set of 5 reps in 5 sets of 5 reps. Here’s another article from him about the deadlift: I am glad my advice is of use to bill starr only the strong shall survive in your quest for strength, health and a manly mane of curls.

Are you going to cite where you ripped that information from? He competed as a physique contestant and won titles.

What is Starting Strength? A same light day more or less. Thanks again, great aricle.