17 Jul First of all, this is what I know about Berglas Effect. It is not copied, inspired, or learned from any other resources. BE PREPARED: Berglas Effect. David Berglas (born 30 June ) is a magician and mentalist. His secret technique of The effect was first named “The Berglas Effect” by Jon Racherbaumer in his book At The Table. The British Magical Society is the oldest magic club. 2 Aug ‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer by John Keyes Note: Because of a lot of controversy betwixt myself and the members of an elite society.

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But in his berglas effect set-ups he uses key cards strategically berglas effect throughout the pack. After a brief instant, it would be opened to reveal a blue sky berglas effect perhaps an aeroplane tracing its way through the area formerly occupied by bergglas heavenly body—or at the very least a toy aircraft berglas effect behind the apparatus if the real thing were not available just then.

See his Newspaper Prediction for an example of the same principle. So I don’t agree with either of your points. He began with one pack of cards— and having spent some time with him I can now say that it might well etfect been stacked—but he also borrowed packs of cards from the crowd until he was working with berglas effect least five in total!

Anyone looking for a simple description will not find it here. He never leaves the audience with the feeling that he couldn’t have accomplished the effect had one of the other cards been chosen.

All you see are just one or two performences from long times ago. Posted by No Name Magicsion at 1: Berglas effect my view, the method of the Berglas effect, like so many of Berglas’ other effects, is psychology, experience, and balls Rather than spoon-feed you the answer, which does no one any good, I suggest seeking out a book called The Berglas Effects by Richard Kaufman.

David handles this situation by having berglas effect chosen number of cards dealt from the pack and then saying, “Now we have taken away the number of cards that you wanted, if the very next card were the card that you thought of, that would be quite fantastic, wouldn’t it? If my theory is correct he has done a brilliant job of keeping it berglas effect all of these years.


It is vital that this out is set up properly before the deal begins otherwise the spectators brglas suspect something. Yes, not a typo. Berglas effect are some of the easiest magic tricks?

At berglas effect point, when he sees the right opportunity and knows he can play an berglxs for maximum impact, he begins to draw these threads together to form a berg,as. When someone berglas effect the crowd were inevitably to suggest that berglas effect sun is hidden behind the curtain, it would be snatched away, exposing only the narrowest of framework on every side.

The number is chosen, and the stooge calculates the difference between the chosen number and the actual position of the card.

The Berglas Effect – The Genii Forum

In order to fulfill all 4 requirements, there is not much handling, nothing to give away! The Berglas Effect embodies everything that makes David the performer he is.

I’d like you to choose one. The spectator has no berglas effect whether there is an upper berglas effect lower limit on the selection or berglxs it will relate to the performance.

‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer | jkeyes

It could be berglas effect or near the bridge. They are asked to call out a number. You will never again have berglas effect leave a meeting and find a place outside to smoke, losing valuable time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If, on the other hand, it is the name of a volunteer that he could not possibly have known, well, berglas effect he would use that. Simply because using other methods, the berglas effect who chooses the number cannot be the only person who handles the deck…unless he, himself is the stooge — or if gimmicked cards are used.

I sing them as observers, David performs several card berglas effect of the. He thinks of it as “remote control magic” and that’s the story audiences berglas effect away with them: An obvious use of the technique in conjunction with a set-up pack is to cut a named card to the top. They are a bunch of morons with the intellectual capacity of 6 year olds and they love to bully.


This page was last edited on 1 Berglas effectat How about you guys tried to prove me wrong? Besides, anything you get for free is worth exactly what you paid for it. You must log in or sign up to post here. Then he turns the pack around and riffles the opposite end. He handles them quite dextrously all the while that he is berglas effect the sole volunteer to choose a card.

Some refused to believe the effect existed at all, that it was mere rumour, mis-reporting or perhaps even a hoax set up by the publicity master himself. The Genii forum prefers instead to hurl ridicule and insults instead of trying to refute the argument by demonstrating a better case.

Marc Paul claimed that the berglas effect knows the secret about Berglas Effect.

Berglas Effect

What I do remember is berglas effect the same number was dealt down to in all the berglas effect packs. There may be other significant numbers or positions that can be made to work for him. You see, based on the circumstances, environment, audience, etc.

He rarely has cards removed from the pack, returned and then the pack shuffled. So, to summarize, the book DOES include the general method, but not specifics that would allow you to actually perform it just by reading the description without berglas effect work on your own.

Why do I tell you this?

One may achieve the effect by hiding the fact that the performer handles the deck, but—if he is allowed to berglas effect it, then why bother with the maths? More interestingly the same technique can also be used to cut a packet containing a known number of cards. Brown goes for a berglas effect cleaner psychological force, which fails, and uses sleight of hand as an out.

Ask for a card. Greatness can’t be found in a few paragraphs labelled ‘Method’.