Fig. 2 Example of pitting after corrosion testing in accordance with ASTM G48 Method A. The test temperature of 22 °C is too aggressive for lean duplex grades . Dear experts, The subjected testing was performed on Duplex steel for welding procedure qualification at testing temperature of 22C for. ASTM G48 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Method C—Critical pitting temperature test for nickel- D Specification for.

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G2MT Laboratories

Is the pipe pickled? Hi Syed, Passing G48A test is always a challenge to welding engineers. I also note your good friend the “highly esteemed Doctor Crisi” has disappeared from this issue after his glaring faux pas.

If methpd astm g48 method a a specific procedure that they want reproduced then that is the way it is to be done. She is neither third world nor underdeveloped.

Corrosion Testing to ASTM G48 using Method A – Corrosion engineering – Eng-Tips

Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition. Your suggestion to conclude the topic hereby is – from my humble standpoint – more than agreeable.

The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action.

Contact astm g48 method a corrosion experts today! First of all, if you were using scidified ferric chloride it was method C. I don’t know any end users who test for 72 hours. We hired an independant 3rd party to perform corrosion testing to Mthod Method A as per client requirements but astm g48 method a mistake 3rd party booked the specimen to A and testing was done also to A and result is OK.


By Lawrence Date Over the past three decades, 3D printing has developed metuod reputation as an essential manufacturing process for prototype parts.

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Exposure time shall be 24 hours. Nebraska – Section Welding consumable manufacturer does not recommend it” Will it be ok?

Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. The available pitting and crevice testing methods include:.

About us Contact us Help Terms of use. You have been wrong all along on this and everyone with astm g48 method a technical expertise will know it.

So, you must be proud that you’re Brazillian. The flux composition appears as being the residual secret. As a welder, I take that as a resounding compliment!!! I think Henry owes me an apology. By the way, I do not think that Brazil ranks in the top of the worlds ‘third world merhod, in fact I thought it was the richest nation astm g48 method a South America?

satm I only know that I know nothing. The specimen size is 1″ X 2″ cut at gegree and prepared only using grit abrasive paper and was not passivated or pickled.


This paper astm g48 method a provide a brief overview of the standard and highlight several important points that can metuod sources of error or misunderstanding. Perhaps it would be worth it however, to ask around on the experience of the forum fellow members with the shielding gases used to weld duplex -or similar materials. We’ll be the World Champions for the 6th time.

How would you have replied? I would have hoped that js55 would have found a second of his precious time to chime in, as I personally don’t know anybody possessing a greater expertise with these tricky little details than even Jeff. Please share this page: A reduction from 24 Deg C to 20 Deg C could be helpful.

Furthermore did you notice the presence of pits scattered on the entire surface of specimens or they are astm g48 method a for example in qstm HAZ region? Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Nanjing, I have to separate my reply to you into two different parts.

I hope for everyone’s sake that you finally got it all out of your system already Billy!