For nearly 60 years, Andrew White has committed John Coltrane’s solos to “ They are very accurate, bare-bones transcriptions,” says Lewis. White is an authority on the music of John Coltrane. he has created and published transcriptions of the jazz master’s solo improvisations. By Andrew N. White, III. On September 23, , I released for public con- sumption, The Works of John. Coltrane, Volumes 11 and 12,. New Transcriptions.

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Trascription by Jason Fabus. The Song Qhite You. Remember My Forgotten Man. Regarding the question on a collection of his transcription, he’s hard over on all the money from his work going to the source -himself, and not to a third party, hence you have to get the transcriptions from him.

It’s an acquired taste. It will be a series of eight CDs. Softly,as in a Morning Sunrise. Surrey With a Fringe andew Top. Tri Horn Blues at page Transcription by Curtis Swift www.


YouTube video and solo analysis are avaiable. Eb and C concert versions are available. Com Eb version is available. I am very happy to do it! Fills are also available. Transcription by Fabio Marziali. Dexter Gordon Cheese Cake Go! The Bb version is available. A Pair of Red Pants. Speak Low page 2.

Mark Turner E.

In a Sentimental Mood. Bern Jazz Festival YouTube video.

Solo Transcriptions (Sax)

Too Close For Comfort. Work Song take 3. MP3 file and C concert key version are available. Sonny Sounds at page Jones Street at page Moose The Mooche take 1.

Andrew White III Speaks | Jazz Speaks

All times are GMT. Transcription by Jose Menezes. The Touch of Your Lips. New York Jazz Academy. Therefore, my catalogue is not laid out chronologically in terms of when Andree played everything.

When Sunny Gets Blue. Gossip page 23. This book is based on the resolution by the Washington D. The Way You Look Tonight. Solo analysis and Bb and C concert key versions are available. Coltrane Transcriptions Whihe most people I know that Mr.


East of the Sun West of the Moon. John Coltrane Mr P. Transcription by Ganesh Geymeier. Andrew is an irascible guy – quite a character, and not all that easy to track down.

Streamlined Stanley at page After the Love Has Gone. On Green Dolphin Street page 2. A Transcriphions For The Blues. Here you can find more about the best web sites that offer free and paid solo transcriptions. Conservation George Coleman Octet. Or if there are any suggestions on places to go. Jazz Crimes page 2. Straight Ahead page 23456. Performance analysis is available,together with one-hand fingerings for tenor and clarinet.