A tender and revealing set of stories by the uniquely delicate Bosnian writer, Alma Lazarevska. Avoiding the easy traps of politics and blame, she reveals a world. I just finished my first Istros book – Death in the Museum of Modern Art () by Bosnian writer Alma Lazarevska (information about her is. “Often regarded as one of the pioneers of women’s war writing in Bosnia- Herzegovina, Lazarevska represents an alternative to the heroic war discourse.

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I learned how to photograph them. Then, he or she publishes a big novel. I hope it needs no explanation. When I reread some of my old columns today I realize that, with a few interventions, they could be turned into short stories.

Bahadur rated it really liked it Jun 28, Skip to main content. Interesantno je kako sam lazarevzka do nekih podataka, nekih ilustracija, slika. Today I’m rereading Tolstoy. The exotic trees still flower and make fruit.

I appreciate it even more having discovered the importance of a record in the writing process.

Woman and boy walking by a window with bullet holes? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Kao da sam htjela sebi potvrditi: One of my favorite lines that someone wrote about my book is: Overall, this was another nice random choice, taken to tick the Bosnian author box in my around the world challenge for this year. And there are women writers who write as if they think that they are being observed by God or whoever it is that resides above. Move over it, grow up, get a life — this is the precious message we receive.


Alma Lazarevska

I love being haunted by a detail, carrying it within me as some kind of positive contagion. Again and again, I am fascinated by the role of language. Overall, this was another nice random choice, taken to tick the Bosnian aut Death in the Museum of Modern Art is a series of short stories set in Sarajevo during the Siege from after Bosnia declared independence from Yugoslavia. A painter worked on a single, long sheet of paper that kept unfolding vertically.

Even diaries are written in the same fashion.

I respect any attentive reading. It is interesting that he did not meet with a single writer. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Lazarevskz account. As though our life is a gramophone record turning at the wrong speed; too fast. I mogla bih tako unedogled.

Evo mi naumpade kako engleski jezik nema deminutiva. I da je to potpuno svejedno.

Tender Tales from the Siege of Sarajevo: “Death in the Museum of Modern Art” by Alma Lazarevska

Alma Lazarevska Your texts abound with literary references, lazarevdka as material objects, remarks about your published work. Perhaps reading and writing are, to use physics terminology, a system of communicating vessels that starts functioning for some, and not others.


The nights are long and empty….

Sarajevo siege life, winter of — She had died of a serious illness. I am quite a connoisseur of butterflies. Avoiding the easy traps of politics and blame, she reveals a world full of incidents and worries so similar to our own, and yet always under the shadow of the snipers.

And that takes time.

Lazarevska Alma Archives | Eurozine

But, I wave my hand. No trivia or quizzes yet. During the siege, not only were there no computers, but there was not even enough paper for a standard typewriter. There are writers and books that are permanent fixtures and there are those that I occasionally discover and neglect.

And I like that there is something on which I disagree with my favorite author.

We spoke via e-mail in June and July of this year. As a foreign reader, I wanted a more detailed back story. Uvijek ponovo budem fascinirana ulogom jezika. Translation is a joint effort to transfer a book from one coast to another.