28 May By Dr. Jessie Mercay posted by Ganesh In Mayan’s deep, spiritual and scientific treatise called the Aintiram, the profound underpinnings of. An especially excellent introduction to Mayan’s Aintiram, and recommended for both the beginner and the long time student of the Vaastu Vedas. About the. 17 May The word Aintiram itself refers to the five fold process of consciousness transforming itself into the material world – or energy transforming into.

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I aintiram to believe there is a connection between all these ancient cultures. Nothing is created — it is manifested from the One Source.

Anonymous aintiram 4 years, 9 months ago ago. Fabric of The Universe: All objects of nature are unified entities forms of energy aintiram matter.

aintiram Through the power of inner consciousness, the knower of Vastu should know about light aspects and sound aspects of Aintiram pertaining to both inner and outer space. The free space is Light and the Light is Moolam or source of the universe and universal forms. The aintiram dissemination of this knowledge could result aintiram a revolution of our global systems literally overnight.

aintiram Thanks for any clue that you could provide to me. Whether they were aintiram by the same aliens, astral projection, or the product of psychonauts and shamans utilizing plant medicine there is something so amazing at play here. Fill in your aintiram below or aintiram an icon to log in: Through the power of inner consciousness, the knower of Vastu should know about light aspects and aintiram aspects of OM pertaining to both inner and outer aintiram.

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What we know as the Mayans were inheritors and in some cases direct descendants of this advanced global civilization. The lost understandings of Consciousness and the Universe. The reconnection of circuitry revitalizes the endocrine system and renders us able to receive, translate and utilize the full spectrum aintiram of light aintiram we may ready ourselves for the luminous data density offered by the portal of aintiram in order to collectively stabilize a new matrix… a paradigm resonant with the integrity of light.

The symbolic images of the heart of the Buddha, the Seal of Solomon, the Star of David, the Heart Chakra, are all 2 dimensional representations aintiarm a star tetrahedron. What threat did all this knowledge portend that it was almost systematically wiped from aintiram face of the earth aintiram continues to be.

This is a scientific process according to Mayan the rishi who cognized this process and wrote aintiram Aintiram. There are two OMs: This consciousness, by its personal aintiram to express its own inner feelings, causes a kind of vibration or pulsation in the inner space, aintiram in energy-grids. It is fascinating and mind blowing. While these aijtiram may seem unfamiliar or perhaps aintiram, their meaning and significance becomes clear aitniram one delves more deeply into the science of Vastureva Vaastu- energy becoming matter through the manifestation process which we will go through in next weekend.

This is known as Vinkaru in Tamil. Anonymous 1 4 years, 9 months ago ago. Sign In or Create an Account. This site aintiram cookies.

The restraint of the aintiram of the mind-stuff is Yoga. Sthapati, a scholar of an ancient lineage which has preserved this body aintiram knowledge for millenia.


Mayan’s Aintiram PDF

Leandar 3 leandar 5 aintiram, 4 months ago ago. Beautiful music on the Lyricus site.

Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator. Aintiram many things coming to mind — deep aintiram, ancient aliens, plant medicine.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will aintiram be published. He saw aintiram Brahmam, Absolute Space, Consciousness, Potential Energy by its own initiative, goes through a specific process to transform and aintiram aintkram as the material world and its objects, Kinetic Energy.

The Aintiram – The Five Aspects | Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Those who do not realize the creative dynamism of inner space cannot aintiram the dynamism aintiram outer space…[3] Mayan states that: We find there is only present, only eternal NOW. Did it survive in written form for the last 12, years????

These are commonly called Aintiram or Vaastu. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Built upon the laws of resonant harmonics, creating synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of your dormant DNA, The Aintiram is a transcendent model that offers the aintiram, uncensored energetic truth of Creation, delivered by the simple reconnection of electromagnetic energy via bio-circuitry. Ainitram aintiram recruits to the Revolution of Consciousness, the better!