AIA Contract Documents are divided into six alphanumeric series by document use or B– (formerly B– Part 1), Standard Form of Agreement . AIA Contract Documents are divided into six alphanumeric series by document use or . B– (formerly B– Part 1), Standard Form of Agreement . AIA Document B, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and .. There are many ways to modify AIA contract documents, and some work better.

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Specification of control instruments contfact panels. We will not include lab liquid or gases Formalin, NoX, etc. All gaps at the joints of door frames and walls shall be filled with a smooth bead of GE clear silicone sealant.


Preliminary selections of major building systems and construction materials shall be noted on the drawings or described in writing. Bid Sets Estimated at. All wall-mounted switches shall be fitted with Hubbell clear plastic weatherproof covers. Include detailed description of Project. Design and Contract Administration, that defines coontract architect s scope of services, one that approximates the level of services in the prior edition of B Review and confirmation of Specialty Operations Solutions, Inc.


When the fee is based on a percentage of construction cost and any portion of the project is abandoned, not constructed, or constructed for less than current market rates, services performed by Sterling Engineering Co.

If the schedule is compressed, the price should be reevaluated. This applies to the device and the contrract plate. This document has important legal consequences. If a request for a change in the Work requires extensive investigation or preparation of additional drawings or specifications by the Architect, such Work shall be compensated as a Change in Service. The AlA intends to publish additional scopes of services that correlate to the terms and conditions of B This estimate may be based on current area, volume or similar conceptual estimating techniques.

Please return the signed original to us. Materials shall be at the direction of SOS. However, the Architect does not warrant or represent that services provided under this Agreement will result in full project compliance with the ADA or all interpretations of ADA aiz by regulatory bodies or court decisions. Identify specific services to which particular methods of compensation apply.


The Owner and Architect agree as follows: Because of the short schedule any change in the BOD, equipment or floor plan may constitute an adjustment to the fee and schedule. Cost estimating services not included. The Architect shall ensure that any and all consultants engaged or employed by the Architect carry similar insurance with reasonable prudent limits and coverages in light of the services to be rendered by such consultants.

Aa Deliverable Estimated at. At this time it is not known if any structural ckntract will be required. Both parties shall endeavor to maintain good working relationships among all members of the Project team.

Signage and Graphics not included. Completely prepare the floor surface so that it is a smooth, defect free cement plane. Cool white for all other areas. This Agreement represents the entire and integrated agreement between the Owner and the Architect and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations or agreements, either written or oral.

Unless specifically stated to the contrary in any written consent to an assignment, no assignment will contrac or discharge the assignor from any duty or responsibility under this Contract or any related agreement.

All wall surfaces as indicated on the drawing shall be fitted with Acrovyn ECR crash rails, manufactured by Construction Specialties. We look forward to serving you on this project. We also have not planned for safety training or protocol training.

Page 2 of 2.

Emergency feeds for the necessary equipment. Upon such authorization, and based upon information furnished by the Contractor, if any, the Architect shall estimate the additional cost and time that might result from such change, including any additional costs attributable to a Change in Services of the Architect, providing such change is solely a result of some action or inaction on the part of a party other than the Architect.

Contrct there be substantial changes to the original program after the approval of schematic drawings, which changes substantially increase the scope of design services to aiaa furnished hereunder, the Architect shall notify the Owner in writing of a Change in Services and receive approval from the Owner before proceeding with the revisions necessitated by such changes.


All emergency systems shall be on stand-by contrct, served by a new stand-by load center, mounted in the new suite.

Time limits established by the project schedule shall not, except for reasonable cause, be adjusted by Sterling Engineering Co. Proposal from Subconsultant Sterling Engineering. Then with evaluating bids and proposals, after which awarding contracts. The caging systems themselves shall be directly connected by flexible ductwork to the dedicated exhaust duct and fan serving the cagewasher, which is located in the mechanical penthouse.

Sterling Engineering Company, Inc. The Contractor is solely responsible for supervision of personnel, materials, equipment, xontract machinery. The Client hereby releases Sterling Engineering Co. The Owner shall not significantly increase or decrease the overall budget, the portion of the budget allocated for the Cost of the Work, or contingencies included in the overall budget or a portion of the budget, without the agreement of the Architect to a corresponding change in the Project scope and quality.

In no event shall the air fontract figure be allowed to drop below 10 ACH.

If contrcat increase in the Contract Sum occurring after execution of the Contract between the Owner and the Contractor and not attributable to negligence of the Architect causes the budget for the Cost of the Work to be exceeded, that budget shall be increased accordingly.

The light fixture housings shall be sealed against the ceiling surface with a smooth bead of clear GE silicone caulk. Subject to the provisions contained in the next cojtract herein, the Architect shall be entitled to rely on approvals received from the Owner in the further development of the design.

Change Orders and Construction Change Directives requiring evaluation of proposals, including the preparation or revision of Instruments of Service when such Change Orders and Construction Change Directives are issued solely as a result of some action or inaction on the part of a party other than the Architect. The facility cannot be used by the Tenant until all punchlist items are phased out.