Dynamika ewangelizacji według adhortacji apostolskiej Evangelii gaudium Dynamics of evangelization in the apostolic exhortation „Evangelii gaudium” of. Kraków , p. Cf. The Holy Father Francis, Adhortacja apostolska Evangelii Gaudium [The. Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium], Kraków. Key words: Evangelii gaudium, Pope Francis, Church Communications, Evangelization, Tytuł Adhortacji Radość Ewangelii stanowi doskonałą syntezę tonu i.

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Haudium Thousands of Digital Comics. In this context, and on the basis of the teaching of the Dogmatic Constitution Lumen GentiumI have decided, among other themes, to discuss at length the following questions:. There is also a certain exodus towards other faith communities.

Why should we not also enter into this great stream of joy? Saint Paul speaks forcefully about the need to preach, since the Lord desires to reach other people by means of our word adhortacua. We are all in the same boat and headed to the same port! In neither case is one really concerned about Jesus Christ or others. To go out of ourselves and to join others is healthy for us.

Adhortacja apostolska Evangelii Gaudium: Papie Franciszek: : Books

Our world is being torn apart by wars and violence, and wounded by a widespread individualism which divides human beings, setting them against one another as they pursue their own well-being. The salvation which God offers us is the work of his mercy.

This prayerful reading of the Bible is not something separate from the study undertaken by the preacher to ascertain the central message of the text; on the contrary, it should begin with that study and then go on to discern how that same message speaks to his own life. In these first two Christian millennia, countless peoples have received the grace of faith, brought it to flower in their daily lives and handed it on in the language of their own culture.

When preaching is faithful to the Gospel, the centrality of certain truths is evident and it becomes clear that Christian morality is not a form of stoicism, or self-denial, or merely a practical philosophy or a catalogue of sins and faults. Charisms at the service of a communion which evangekii. A preacher has to contemplate the word, but he also has to contemplate his people. What is it about this word that moves me? I hope that all communities will devote the necessary effort to advancing along the path of a pastoral and missionary conversion which cannot leave things as they presently are.

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The Gospel offers us the adhortacma to live life on a higher plane, but with no less intensity: The Catholic faith of many peoples is nowadays being challenged by the proliferation of new religious movements, some of evwngelii tend to fundamentalism while others seem to evaneglii a spirituality without God. The Church, as the agent of evangelization, is more than an organic and hierarchical institution; she is adhortacjx and foremost a people advancing on its pilgrim way towards God.

Let us look upon them as challenges which can help us to grow. These are the words adhortacjz Saint Paul, for whom the commandment of love not only sums up the law but constitutes its very heart and purpose: The joy of adhortacjaa always arises from grateful remembrance: This presence must not be contrived but found, uncovered. Diversity must always be reconciled by the help of the Holy Spirit; he alone can adhortacjz up diversity, plurality and multiplicity while at the same time bringing about unity.

Of course, all of us are called to mature in our work as evangelizers. It is the message capable of responding to evangeliii desire for the infinite which abides in every human heart.

At times xdhortacja have to be like the father of the prodigal son, who always keeps his door gwudium so that when the son returns, he can readily pass through it. Pastoral workers can thus fall into a relativism which, whatever their particular style of spirituality or way of thinking, proves even more dangerous than doctrinal relativism. At the same time, what could be significant places of encounter and solidarity often become places of isolation and mutual distrust.

I would like to dwell briefly on this way of understanding adhrtacja Church, whose ultimate foundation is in the free and gracious initiative of God. All of the virtues are at the service of this response of love. Get to Know Us. Hence in the evangelization of new cultures, or cultures which have not received the Christian message, it is not essential to impose a specific cultural form, no matter how beautiful or ancient it may be, together with the Gospel.


In this sense, we ought to let others be constantly evangelizing us. Frequently they bring a new evangelizing fervour and a new capacity for dialogue with the world whereby the Church is renewed.


Once the seed has been sown in one place, Jesus does not stay behind to explain things or to perform more signs; the Spirit moves him to go forth to other towns. A Church which goes forth []. Evangelization is the task of the Church.

These are three evils which fuel one another. The kerygma is trinitarian.

Human beings are themselves considered consumer goods to be used and then discarded. This is the joy which we experience daily, amid the little things of life, as a response to the loving invitation of God our Father: Wherever there is life, fervour and a desire to bring Christ to others, genuine vocations will arise.

Let us do it today! The new evangelization for the transmission of the faith []. What is called for is an evangelization capable of shedding light on these new ways of relating to God, to others and to the world around us, and inspiring essential values. Such claims usually follow from a form of moral relativism that is joined, not without inconsistency, to a belief in the absolute rights of individuals. Nothing is more solid, profound, secure, meaningful and wisdom-filled than that initial proclamation.

Many fall prey to it, and end up resentful, angry and listless. Another feature of a good homily is that it is positive. A new tyranny is thus born, invisible and often virtual, which unilaterally and relentlessly imposes its own laws and rules. This is a case of exclusion.