T1: The Village of Hommlet was one of the original module (adventure) releases for the AD&D line. Prelude to the long-delayed T The. The Village of Hommlet has grown up around a crossroads in a woodland. Once far .. 1+1, HP; 7,5; 1 attack for h.p. damage) bark loudly at the approach of. Buy Village of Hommlet, The (4e Edition) – D&D 4e from Wizards of the Coast – part of our ‘ Role Playing Games – Dungeons & Dragons collection.

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Wizards of the Coast also published a sequel to the T adventure inthe 3rd Edition module Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

The Village of Hommlet has grown up around a crossroads in a woodland. And with that, Jason Thompson walks us through the trials of a typical party seeking to gain said riches in the ruins of the nearby moathouse. A road angles west into the hill country there, and to either side of the road ahead are barns and buildings—Hommlet at last!

4E 4e The Village of Hommletgiving it away

The arrival of the elves from the shadows of the Gnarley Forest turned the tide of battle, trapping the savage humanoids against a bend in the Velverdyva where they were routed and slaughtered.

Retrieved 29 August The adventurers travel through Hommlet and are drawn into a web of conspiracy and deception. The Village of Hommlet — why are the PCs there? In CYforces of evil from Dyvers or the Wild Coast constructed a small chapel outside the nearby village of Nulb.


By Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Temple of Elemental Evil video game. Plus the adventure was fun to play with friends It was developed by Troika Games and published by Atari. Dungeon Master For Dummies. What the outcome of this will be is uncertain, but your skill and daring, along with a good measure of luck, will be the main ingredients of what follows, be it for weal or woe. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

Otis was passed out in a nearby ditch. The adventurers travel through Hommlet and are drawn into a web of conspiracy and deception.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Complete and very useable. You all hope, of course, to gain riches and make names for yourselves.

Saturday, 28th November, Previous topic Next topic. Reid also bearing the title The Temple of Elemental Evil. Men-at-arms from Furyondy and Veluna united with dwarves from the Vilkagegnomes from the Kron Hillsand an army of elven archers to face the threat of the Horde of Elemental Evilconsisting largely of savage humanoids such as orcsogresand gnolls.

The site itself remained, however, and over the following decade rumors of evil presence there persisted.

Village of Hommlet, The (4e Edition)

Spellcasters loyal to the goodly army cooperated on a spell of sealing that bound the demoness Zuggtmoy a major villagge in the Horde of Elemental Evil to some of the deepest chambers in the castle’s dungeons.

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What Ho, Frog Demons. Best post in hmomlet.

Item is complete unless noted. While the town initially appears warm and hospitable, the characters soon learn that many of its inhabitants are powerful spies for minions of evil. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Click here to become a fan. The original Village of Hommlet Moathouse maps, to compare: Hommket Temple of Elemental Evil is an adventure module for the fantasy role-playing game In the module T1 The Village of Hommlet, the player characters must defeat the raiders in a nearby fort, and thereafter Hommlet can be used as a base.

Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Once far from any important activity, the village became embroiled in the struggle between gods and primordials when the Temple of Elemental Evil arose but a few leagues away.

Ahead are thatched roofs and homlet chimneys with thin plumes of blue smoke rising from them. This page was last edited on 29 Augustat My guess would be a big dung pile.

The chapel was quickly built into a stone temple from which bandits and evil humanoids began to operate with increasing frequency. Get your entries in now! Your party is now approaching the Village of Hommlet, having ridden up from lands of the Wild Coast.