19 Oct wondered the late poet and scholar AK Ramanujan of the Indian epic in Twenty four years later, the essay, Three Hundred Ramayanas:Five. 22 Oct The scholarly essay by A. K. Ramanujan. “Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation.’ appeared in The. 4 Dec “There are versions of the Ramayana, but AK Ramanujan chooses to quote five examples that are bound to hurt our sentiments. They want.

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Posted by Amardeep Singh at 8: Instead of pandering to unreason, gy university should be true to itself, 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam its ground and reinstate Ramanujan. Ramanujan himself laid great stress on the fact that Indians interpret everything contextually and have no use for universal principles or indeed intensional language. If our educational and publishing institutions do not stand 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam to groups beholden to extremist ideologies, then their only contribution — apart from those ramxyanas to their own bottom line — will be to an erosion of democratic values and consequent impoverishment of public discourse and culture.

Who’s afraid of Ramayanas?

However, Ramanujan considers only five tellings of Ramayana, namely, the tellings by ValmikiKambanthe Jain telling, the Thai Ramakien and the South Indian rzmanujam tellings. 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam Privacy Policy Contact Us. Written By Rito Paul. For example, the horse was not known to the harappan people.

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See The Hindu’s interview with Romila Thapar on the issue here. Why are we silent on the grave threat to Prof Kancha Illaiah? Vigilante mobs decide over what films get shown in the cinema India: Administrators try to please political parties because they are scared of reprisals. One of Ramanujan’s main observations in the essay is that there is no such original Ramayana and that Valmiki’s Ramayana telling is only one among many Ramayana tellings.

The issue ended up in the Supreme Court which wanted the opinion 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam an academic expert committee. Interestingly, when DNA tried to purchase the book from the OUP website, it was unable to do so despite several attempts. Since 1st March, Origin and Development Hindi. Maybe this episode isn’t over yet? Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation. In addition to describing the different versions, Ramanujan talks about the nature of textual transformation, and introduces terms that help us categorize different kinds of changes and shifts some of which may be accidental, while others may be more “indexical” — that is, intentionally inserted to make the text fit different cultural and historical contexts.


Besides, why would they attend to the views of one expert and ignore three others? Also, it’s worth noting left-leaning faculty and students at DU did do a protest in defense of the essay in the curriculum this past week, an 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam of which 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam be found here.

You can write the whole thing on two sides 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam an A-4 paper. On October 9,the Academic Council of the University decided to remove the essay from the BA curriculum for its next academic cycle. For reference, the essay is available here. Nor could ramaganas be expert opinion.

Subsequently, books containing the essay disappeared from all major bookstores. His words provide a clue as to what the issue 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam really about. So, we cannot claim anything definitely about the text. As such, this is a perfectly orthodox Mimamsa position- though it somewhat chauvinistically restricts Vedantic ‘Viveka’ to Indians only.

Next story Irinia Werning: Especially when doing so would suggest, whether the academic council intended this or not, that the university had caved in to violent intimidation. For reference, I have talked about this issue on several occasions over the years.

The essay that the Delhi University does not want its history students armayanas read. Friday, October 28, In Defense of A.

ThursdayOctober 27 Oxford University Press, OUP India has clearly not done this. It seeks to demonstrate factually how the story of Rama has undergone numerous ramanujjam while being transmitted across different 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam, societies, geographical regions, religions, and historical periods.

Retrieved 19 November Thirdly, it must be appreciated that the audience, even at that time, was diverse with different 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam views and different environmental and cultural attributes. It contains false stories quoted under one pretext or oral and other sic without any authenticity. The scholarly essay by A. Subscribe to South Asia Citizens Wire feeds from sacw.


Three out of the four members of the committee stated that the essay ought to be read by students. Why would they conclude that?

Views Read Edit View history. It would therefore help us in our understanding towards our own project immensely if we could get in touch with you as rajayanas as possible. It is a firm and 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam belief, ramayanws a tradition as old as the institution itself, that the stuff one is supposed to cram and regurgitate serves the purposes of the State and enables candidates for clerical berths to parrot back whatever it is the State wishes to hear.

Ramayana: An ‘epic’ controversy

Our topic is one that is both personal to all of us and one from rramanujam we aim to bring about the 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam that the presentation of history in a certain manner always has far reaching implications and hence should be done in a very responsible manner. Retrieved 15 November The essay that the Delhi University does not want its history students to read A.

I consider it essential ramayaans for anyone who wants to know about the complex textual history of the Ramayana. The only others which come close 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam the other epical Ramayanas by Kamban and Tulsi, which have come ramanujm later and clearly indicate their indebtness to Valmiki.

The proposed idea for our documentary calls for insight into a variety of perspectives on the academic, social, political and personal front. OUP does not apologise and never has apologised for publishing the essay.