16F876A PDF

Replacement:** None. We are no longer carrying this product in our catalog. This page is for reference only. Microchip’s 16FA 28 Pin 8-Bit Processor. The PIC 16FA/P from Microchip is small, powerful, inexpensive. Microchip PIC controller — high-performance RISC CPU Microchip supports the entire performance range from 8-bit, bit and bit microcontrollers with a.

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Is it really intelligent? I’m hugely relieved and grateful to you for your help. Watched “The Iron Giant” for the first time – Wow!

Thank you both Eric and Sagor1 for all your help, I’ve learned a lot today. Click here to register now. If so, you had better tell us which one. Head to the Robots section of the website! Problems of compatibility between 16FA and 1f876a — days old. I’m quite inexperienced with coding and micros, by the way, so my question to you kind folks is: I tested this code in the simulator, and it works just fine. Still inconclusive I’m afraid. Altium have a description of it [here].

Archimedes Trammel Motorized [ Tutorials ] 6.

Changed the fuse value to RC to use internal osc. Make sure your configuration bits are set properly. Do you want to showcase a r…. Steve another Steve lol Giving up for the day, if not for ever.

This was a quick code 16v876a to let you think about it.


Motor and manual controller selection [ Beginners ] 6. 168f76a don’t much like the look of your transmit routine as it is using software delays rather than counting Timer 2 interrupts which are synchronous to the 38KHz nominal PWM pulses. Playstation 1 motherboard housing fell off, help!

I can get on with things now. 1f6876a New media New comments Search media. So, now armed with fresh knowledge from you guys, there’s some hope that by the end of the day I’ll have a LED flashing. As a point of interest, may I ask where you obtained the configuration table. Need small-scale problem that robot can help solve [ Project Ideas ] 6. Let’s Make Robots AI: Started 16g876a sr Today at 5: I turned off all options in the config brownout, watchdog, etc Thanks to sagor1 and Eric for info and advice.

Alternatively, show us the code and schematics for both the transmitter and 16f867a from your unsuccessful attempt to send byte data. Bound to be back with questions about it! Automated Marble Drop Machine [ Robots ] 5.

Problem with PIC 16F876A

The comments say you are using the NEC protocol. Arduino based controller for up to RobotShop Community [ Robots ] 2. You are using 20MHz crystals, but you have defined your clock frequency as 8MHz.

Fascinating 3 actuator joint [ Project Ideas ] 6. I program some and of the 4 escapes work some only 2 and the others two remain blocked,ne program an other and the escapes work well but they are the incomes not to work 1f876a is way to make compatible firmware with the 16F? Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected?

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PIC 16FA Datasheet – Microchip Microcontroller

This is likely to result in a ‘runt’ pulse at the end of each burst. Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. Measured voltages descended to about 0. But if it isn’t generally available, well c’est la vie, and many, many thanks again.

Who wants to take over London? I – My Biped Robot [ Robots ] 7. However, in fact none of the output pins on the chips themselves went high, and a voltmeter reading on all showed about 0. It will not respond well to 38kHz. Ok, I think the ms is a bit short. So in each case I used the code below to 16f87a6 all the outputs high. Now I’m getting intermittent results which I’m trying to sort out.

Microchip PIC 16FA/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP)

Triceratops Kit [ Robots ] Leap motion device [ Projects Showcase ] 3. We all had to start from ground zero at some point. Register Forgotten Your Password?

Multiple functions by a single switch. Members who have read this thread since 17th October ,